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Earlier this week, Environment Minister Peter Kent suggested some environmental advocacy groups had “laundered” foreign funds. Yesterday in QP, he was confronted about this allegation and responded as follows.

Hoang Mai: Mr. Speaker, it is important to take money laundering seriously. However, the Minister of the Environment’s accusations against environmental groups are insulting. This is an unsubstantiated attack against groups that have the support of millions of Canadians. Accusing environmentalists of laundering money is simply a political vendetta. Revenue Canada is cutting its budget for the investigation of tax fraud but is going to spend more on attacking environmental groups. Will the minister do the right thing and apologize?

Peter Kent: Mr. Speaker, the NDP members abandoned decorum and civility a couple of days ago. Now they have lost their sense of humour. The opposition members can whinge all they want but the fact of the matter is some charitable organizations have allegedly used funds from outside this country inappropriately in regard to their charitable status. They can call it money laundering, they can call it a financial shell game or they could call it three card monte.

Courtesy of the website for Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), here is a definition of money laundering.

The United Nations defines money laundering as “any act or attempted act to disguise the source of money or assets derived from criminal activity.” Essentially, money laundering is the process whereby “dirty money”— produced through criminal activity— is transformed into “clean money,” the criminal origin of which is difficult to trace…

Under Canadian law, a money laundering offence involves various acts committed with the intention to conceal or convert property or the proceeds of property (such as money) knowing or believing that these were derived from the commission of a designated offence. In this context, a designated offence means most serious offences under theCriminal Code or any other federal Act. It includes, but is not limited to those relating to illegal drug trafficking, bribery, fraud, forgery, murder, robbery, counterfeit money, stock manipulation, tax evasion and copyright infringement.

A money laundering offence may also extend to property or proceeds derived from illegal activities that took place outside Canada.


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  1. Peter Kent has been in the Con caucus too long…he’s forgotten how to speak English.

  2. Money laundering…treasonous[ or was it treachery?]…what new verbal low can Kent dredge up?
    Humour he calls it. He’d be laughing on the other side of his face if one of those orgs sued him for defamation. Can’t imagine why they don’t…i’d contribute a twenty toward that worthy cause.

    Some people have to be forced to drink the party coolaid; some take it reluctantly; some brave souls refuse it…then there are people like Kent, who delight in guzzling straight it out of the tap, unfiltered.

    He seems to be having the time of his life – finally a player, one of the big people now, who get to make others squirm. JT had this guy defined all right…POS indeed!

    • if the quote is accurate, my guess would be that environmental groups is too broad a cateogry for an individual group to sue. Still, if making stupid allegations of criminal activity are his new thing, he’s be wise to open his mouth only in the house of commons.

  3. This is just one more example of the Cons’ habit of casually lying about and demonizing legitimate voices of dissent. While I apologize for coming perilously close to an invocation of Godwin’s Law, this is the kind of tactic that totalitarian regimes throughout history have routinely used.

    The transformation of Stephen Harper from outraged and sanctimonious guardian of democratic principles to enabler and routine practitioner of democratic abuses is astounding. He came to the temple to throw over the tables of the money changers. Now he sits at their largest table.

    He and his spineless mouthpieces like Kent are political thugs and an embarrassment to this country.

    Here endeth the rant…

  4. “They can call it money laundering, they can call it a financial shell game or they could call it three card monte.”

    Or they could call it In-And-Out, except the Cons trademarked that clever little scheme.

  5. kent belongs in a damp cage…

  6. So we should feel free to call the CPC pederasts, and screw’em if they can’t take a joke, is that it?