Won’t you chat with me


I’ll be back here at 3 p.m. Eastern time to do a live-chat about the election, the aftermath of the election, and other things political as we get ready to find out what HarperMajorityland looks like. Click on the “Comment Now” button to ask questions.

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Won’t you chat with me

  1. QUESTION: With the luxury of a majority, will the CPC now finally tell us, before they start their cuts, EXACTLY where they are going to find the billions upon billions of dollars in savings within the existing Government of Canada operating budget?

  2. Wells – have read a few comments of yours that allude to msm needing to evaluate their performance after this election. What do you have in mind? And do you think your msm colleagues are keen to improve?

  3. Do we submit questions in the comments? If so:

    Harper’s been called secretive, controlling, suspicious of parliament, etc. Will that change with a majority?

    Ironic follow-up: Is the NDP going in the opposite direction? (More secretive, tight leash, etc) Example: Interview ban for the fresh NDP MPs.

  4. Wells – Do you think Liberal Party will flourish again, become third party like NDP has been up till this election or does Party disappear entirely over next election or two?

  5. Great live-chat, Paul! Thanks.

  6. Thanks, Wells. Very enjoyable.

  7. Hey Paul, after reading your comments about needing a real vacation, getting serious about writing another book and your love of classical music – try a month in Finland this July. Weather is like southern Ontario, you can rent a log cabin with sauna on a lake (be prepared that the Fins spend a lot of time in the buff) PLUS they hold fantastic, outdoor, classical concerts around the country all summer.

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