'Yeah, those allegations, they occurred, and we're doing the best we can to not have them happen in our custody' - Macleans.ca

‘Yeah, those allegations, they occurred, and we’re doing the best we can to not have them happen in our custody’


Reports from today’s Military Police Complaints Commission from the Globe, Canadian Press and Sun.

Richard Colvin is now scheduled to testify before the MPCC on Tuesday.


‘Yeah, those allegations, they occurred, and we’re doing the best we can to not have them happen in our custody’

  1. Sadly, as the story itself points out.. not good enough.

  2. and again NO ONE CARES

    • Certainly, not enough people care, and quite possibly no one who is being contacted by the pollsters care, but I care and while I'll accept I am a nobody, I am not now, nor will I ever be, a no one.

    • But you still feel compelled to come on and claim that. Sure is a lot of trolls.. er.. folks going around to blogs and boards trying their hardest to claim that no one cares.

      If there was or is evidence being covered up that showed complicity in turning over folks to be tortured – or worse – I can assure you a lot of people would care – and not just in this country.. but over in the Hague at the Int'l Criminal Court.

      • I actually agree with you that it's not going to happen. I mean, if nobody tried to arrest Rumsfeld, it's clear that first world countries have nothing to fear from the ICC.

        Nevertheless, from the Globe article: "The Geneva Conventions, which Canada has signed, say it's a war crime to knowingly hand over prisoners to torture or maltreatment."

        I have to take exception to your sneering tone. If Canadians are committing war crimes, they ought to be held to account. Even if the ICC is ineffective, it seems like concern that laws have been broken should be the priority here.

      • over in the Hague

        Keep beating that drum; it's just sure to attract more support than it repels, come next election.

        Seriously, is this the talking point du jour in the Canadian left-blogosphere? Transposing the pathetic old fantasies about ZOMG FROGMARCHING BUSH OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE IN HANDCUFFS into the domestic context?

        • If the Conservatives have nothing to hide, then release the unredacted documents to Parliament. They sure are going to an extraordinary effort not to do that avr. Where there's smoke, there's fire, as they say.

          On another note avr.. tell me.. if those docs were to indeed show definitive proof that Canada was complicit in turning over afghan detainees and turning a blind eye to be tortured… or worse, as Professor Errol Mendes claims to have seen.. docs that say Cdn intelligence officials knowingly turned over detainees to be tortured by the NDS to get more "info" out of them, would you not be repelled by that knowledge, knowing Canadian officials had been in breach of the law – both internationally and domestically?

          • And if your aunt had balls would that make her your uncle ?

          • No, but if the PMO did, they'd have released the docs already, and they'd be defending themselves on the strength of their actual actions and policies, instead of playing a never-ending shell game with areas of governance for which they are directly responsible.

          • Comment of the day!

          • Depends. Why does she have balls? Why will she not simply release her birth certificate (unredacted!) so we can find out for sure?!

    • "If nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through." General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay "Insanity" Melchett VC DSO KCB

      • Baa!

    • That attitude is pretty much a gamble, for the public is not as inattentive as you might think. The uproar over prorogation proved that, don't you think? Threads are connecting, and the accountability theme the Conservatives rode into town on is being exposed for the hollow ruse it has become.
      But my all means, keep shouting in big capital letters.

    • Understood. I'll put a checkmark beside your name in the "I don't care" column.

    • Are you a relative, friend or staffer of Peter MacKay? You might want to disclose that if you are — Cons supporters may be forgiving but the people who post here are vicious and will never forgive you if you do not tell.

  3. Had this sick puppy once — distemper, the vet said — had to put the little thing down.

  4. Ah yes the "who cares" meme is again offered up to hound us all into compliance.

    Who cares that we are fighting for and with allies (the US and the Afghans) that we cannot trust enough to deal with prisoners?

    And if no one cares … what of all the Canadian blood, honour and money that has been spilled in this cause?

    You trolls really are beneath contempt!