Yes or no?


A sampling of the questions the NDP piled up on Old Age Security over the last two days.

Is the government planning to raise the OAS eligibility to 67, yes or no? Can the minister tell us whether or not the government will increase the retirement age from 65 to 67? Yes or no? Will the government increase the retirement age from 65 to 67 or not? Yes or no? Does this government plan to raise the retirement age from 65 to 67? Yes or no? If the government is going to raise the OAS from 65 to 67, we want to know, yes or no? Rather than causing people anxiety, will the Conservatives finally answer our question? Will they or will they not increase the retirement age? Will the Conservatives stop trying to scare people by pretending OAS is unsustainable and agree to leave OAS alone, yes or no? Will the Conservatives give us a straight answer? Will the retirement age be increased from 65 to 67? Why not tell us clearly whether the Conservative government intends to increase the retirement age from 65 to 67?

The Liberals, meanwhile, have released audio of Stephen Harper promising in 2005 to “fully preserve the Old Age Security, the Guaranteed Income Supplement and the Canada Pension Plan, and all projected future increases to these programs.”


Yes or no?

  1. Obviously legislation would be needed to change OAS.  Therefore, this constant pestering for an answer about it is silly.  The government appears to be considering it, but has not yet decided.  However, they have certainly indicated that should there be any changes, they would be phased in over a long time and would not apply to people anywhere near retirement age.

  2. Devil’s Dictionary ~ Truth:

    An ingenious compound of desirability and appearance. Discovery of truth is the sole purpose of philosophy, which is the most ancient occupation of the human mind and has a fair prospect of existing with increasing activity to the end of time

  3. If, as rumours have it, changes to OAS eligibility won’t effect anyone currently older than 57, it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving for the opposition.

    For years to come.

    Like myriad little, individualized time capsules that activate each time someone currently under 57 reaches the age of 65, remembers what used to be, and recalls who’s responsible.

    And the opposition, if they’re smart, won’t hesitate to remind them.

    • I’m under 57.  But I’ll only be 60 when they take away OAS from those 65-67.  According to Flaherty today at any rate.  Or 65, depending on which version of what Flaherty said today you want to go with.  Which doesn’t help much for me.

      Yes, Flaherty has never been right about anything in his political life so why should I take him seriously now, IS a good point. 

  4. Excellent… keep it up Opps,
    so as when the Harper Govt cuts deep into yours and public service pension/benefits,  you can’t say a word.

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