You and what mob? -

You and what mob?


Apathy is Boring’s Ilona Dougherty wrote this before election day, so now it seems prescient.

Why are young Canadians today casting ballots at approximately half the rate they did in the 1960s? The answer is surprisingly simple: because we aren’t asking them to vote. There is conclusive evidence showing that nothing is more effective at mobilizing voters than personal contact. Simply knocking on doors increases voter turnout between seven and 10 percentage points, and this is true among youth, as well. This type of on-the-ground, face-to-face mobilization played a decisive role in the victories of U.S. President Barack Obama in 2008 and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi in 2010 … Unfortunately, vote mobs aren’t mobilizing new voters either. Watch a vote mob video, and you’ll see hundreds of politically engaged students putting their activism on display. Meanwhile, thousands of youth are missing from the camera frame – the students who are busy studying in the library, or the young people who don’t attend a college or university. Those are the unengaged youth of my generation. They didn’t take part in vote mobs, and they’re not likely to turn out on May 2.


You and what mob?

  1. I find it very difficult to get excited about low turnout amongst youth voters. Whether they have better things to do or are apathetic about the political process, it may just reflect the fact that they're lives aren't all that bad.

  2. If old people with bad hips can stand in line for hours to vote, what is the excuse of young people? They're lazy, disengaged, and completely disinterested in anything that doesn't involve a battery or A/C adaptor.
    All in all it's a good thing anyways…young people are stupid by nature. Society at large should not have to pay for the political idiocy of a teenager. The only reason you pinko commies are so concerned about young voter turnout is that you view them as empty vessels you can fill with your leftist crap in school and send forth to do your bidding at the polling booth.

    • I think this is a little excessive; I've never stood in line "for hours" for a federal vote. I certainly have for a municipal one, however.

      My vote on the 2nd literally took 3 minutes. Is there any place in Canada where people had to wait an excessive period to vote?

  3. Young people don't go out and vote because the parties don't address their needs.

    Jobs for starters.

  4. So do we know how was the youth turn out for the election yet?

  5. The absolute worst thing they could do would be to introduce internet voting. It is a complete honour to go to a voting booth and cast a ballot that may help shape my Canada.
    If you can't pay attention long enough to grasp which party is attemping to move your Canada in whatever direction then you really don't deserve Canada.
    Perhaps a little mandatory military service and a trip overseas would bring a new appreciation for what you have.

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