You can’t say that here


It was apparently Ryan Leef’s turn to enunciate the party line this afternoon, so the Conservative MP for the Yukon stood in his spot along the back row and proceeded with his statement.

Mr. Speaker, no matter how mad the leader of the NDP gets it does not change the fact that his $20 billion—

Here, alas, the Speaker called for order and, without saying another word, moved on to the next MP (in this case, Susan Truppe). I would guess that Mr. Leef’s sin was alleging an unflattering personal attribute—”mad”—about another member. Thus was he deprived the further 55 seconds he might have had to relay his concerns. Don’t feel too bad for him though, he has already this fall used four of these precious opportunities to explain his opposition to the NDP’s position on cap-and-trade.


You can’t say that here

  1. Apparently Ryan Leef’s an ex mountie. Just how do you go from serving your community every day, out on the sharp end to becoming a toadie for some pimply brat in the PMO? Someone you wouldn’t have had the time of day for when you were in the force. Don’t you have any pride left Ryan?

    • While you’re at it, ask Julian Fantino, who used to be Ontario’s top cop. Now he seems to be little more than another a witless cypher among the inconsequential nondescripts in the CPC caucus.

    • Rob Clarke is also an ex Mountie. Anyhoo, given what we read and know about the RCMP, it seems just a skip and a jump to go from bullying co-workers and the homeless to bullying oppo MPs. Bullies need a pecking order to survive, and both the HoC and the RCMP provide a clear pecking order.

      • You have to be careful not to over generalize. Get your point. Taken as an institution, but many individual officers are not so inclined.

  2. Where did all of those commentators from yesterday go who were accusing the Speaker of being one of “Harper’s boys”…..

    • LOL One good response after what….400 bad ones….and you’re announcing…what is it you’re announcing anyway Biff?

      • It’s Bill….not Biff…..Pretty certain I always refer to you as Emily and not some other derogative term.

        • LOL you forgot a couple of days ago, and referred to yourself as Biff….Biff/Chet/Bill….gets kind of confusing I imagine. Gives you an identity crisis.

    • Even a dead clock is right more often – twice a day.

    • Because stopping a CPC MP from making an ass of himself isn’t something a “Harper’s boy” would do? Is that what you’re asserting?

  3. A possible scenario: When Andrew Scheer looked over to the PM’s seat for direction during the Peter van Loan self-victimization, the PM mouthed the words “do your f*cking job”. What beast has the PM unleashed, that the Speaker would take this order too far and would extend the order beyond the Peter van Loan self-bullying?

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