You never get to just enjoy a good day


From the Inkless emailbox:

Statement from Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion

Today I announce that I have asked for and received the resignation of Simon Bédard as the Liberal Party of Canada’s candidate in the riding of Québec.

Clearly, Mr. Bédard agrees that the statements he has made regarding First Nations people are not compatible with the beliefs and values of the Liberal Party of Canada.

While Mr. Bédard has clearly indicated that he no longer holds those views, the Liberal Party of Canada’s proud tradition of support for our Aboriginal communities must not be overshadowed by these comments.


You never get to just enjoy a good day

  1. Wow an actual article about Dion I can’t remember the last one how long has it been now hmmmm. So where are all the ‘it sets the tone’ and ‘hold back your attack dogs’ and all the other such slightly overblown hyperbole just used to get more traffic to the site comments? Frankly I am concerned because if things keep going like this Dion is going to have to implode just to get some coverage.

  2. “While Mr. Bédard has clearly indicated that he no longer holds those views”

    That statement deserves a snort or two. Mr Bedard is in trouble for comments he said this week but we are supposed to believe that he no longer holds those views.

    But who cares about racists within the Liberal party when we all can focus on the RCMP doing its job of protecting the PM from nutters.

  3. Man, you just can’t get good help these days. If the guy’s not from Opus Dei, or ready to insult the fathers of the fallen, or a scandal-ridden reject from the Liberals, then he’s in favour of slaughtering Mohawks.

    It does make you wonder how many candidates / MP’s are discreet freaks.

  4. Racists in the Liberal Party? In Ezra Levant, the Tories have a dyed in the wool supporter of Que. Seperatism working in their war room.

  5. And a bunch of couteau-à-la-gorge “federalists” in their caucus and candidates’ list.

  6. Now what about Ricardo Lopez? He’s still under the Liberal banner, still calling for uppity natives to be deported. Is that ok with Dion?

  7. Wow, never a dull moment, eh? Who says Canadian elections are boring? Now people who don’t pay attention to politics except during a campaign will better understand the political animals among us. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. It’s like Xmas!

  8. Oh, man, bigcitylib, that’s like the motherlode, eh? I’m so looking forward to the seismic shocks that will be Levant’s first unscripted moment. If we miss out on that, I’ll be really, really disappointed. But I wonder if they’re having second thoughts about having him around – is that really where he is, btw, in the War Room? Not in Shanghai?

  9. Western Standard got an email from him. He is in Ottawa, and part of his volunteer work is in the war room. Frankly, it sounds like CPoC’s got him working in the kitchen or waiting tables or something.

    I’ve got a short post back at my site on the topic. The one at WS is a little more extensive.

  10. I wonder where the CONs are hiding Rachel marsden, speaking of loons… As noted, all parties have their weird fringe, but it seems the CONs are more prone to promote them. Just hope those ‘tick-a-locks’ hold.

  11. All this Gaffe stuff is BS. Get to the Issue’s please. Stop acting like American Media.

    All the media is doing is trying to find so called “Gaffes” or “Gotcha moments”, from each party.

    And each party has annouced policy everyday. But no, we have to hear about Dion’s plane problems,Harper “Fratroom” Layton not wanting a loon in the debates.

    Man, can you reporters actualy tell me what the Parties are offering?

    Not how they are communcating?

  12. JK,

    The CPoC wanted to run this election on gotcha moments. Dion talks funny, Dion eats hotdogs with a fork. Now its bit them in the ass with a vengeance. Let ’em suffer.

  13. BCL

    I am talking about the media, not partisan crap.

    Sorry, yes I am a Harper fan but I don’t where a party banner. I am just a political junkie that thinks it is Harper’s time.

    The bottom line, is the media is going after so called Faux pas, instead of policy.

    Sure the CPC frat room should get there hit from the media, Dion should take his hit’s from not being ready and well there is just to much(I would have to put my tin-foil cap on).

    But non of that should be the lead story in an election… policies should be.

  14. War room conservative gets suspended for stupid insensitive comment:

    wall to wall coverage (still tops the Globe).

    Liberal Candidate gets boot for incendiary comments:

    One reference on a blog thread.


  15. Excuse me….if you want to play tit for tat – a CPC candidate had to pull out because of a criminal record (3 past convicions I believe) – let’s move on.

    If LeRant is just working the kitchen (what a sight that would be) why is he on Mike Duffy playing Mr. Strategist for the CPC?

    Mr. LeRant, ranted, again…almost insinuating that Dion was a racist….that’s rich coming from LeRant isn’t it?

    Favoured Quebec separation, and in fact wrote a column in the Calgary Sun (from which he was later fired) titled ‘Ten Reasons To Hope For a Yes Victory’?

    In the same column, called for the elimination of bilingualism and multiculturalism, and said that it would give government “fortitude” to reject First Nations and those working to protect the environment?

    Defends, and promotes, the leader of the neo-Nazi Heritage Front in his attacks on Jews, gays, immigrants and others? Who defends a pro-Nazi woman who rails against Jews and calls for “racial purity”?

    …and there’s more.

    Boy, Harper shows good judgment.

  16. Kody

    The CPC is the government, they should know the media is gunning for them.

    You can’t complain about the media picking up the governments Gaffes before the opps(and the opps gaffes have been disgusting).

    The problem with the media is running gottcha moments as lead stories(for whatever party), it just proves that the Canadian media are nothing but American media idols(MSNBC to be exact).

    Which no matter what is ironic, considering the Canadian media’s hate for the US(to be frank,the Canadian media fallows everything the NY times says).

    PS:Not you Wells.

  17. I suspect most truckers, small business owners, delivery companies, farmers, etc.

    on the day that the diesel fuel cuts were announced/discussed, really appreciated being inundated with news of a cartoon bird,

    rather than details, pros/cons of a plan that could affect their very livelihood.

    Today’s elitist, inside the beltway media are completely out of touch with the common person.

  18. Well, if this Dion / Liberal moment is going to necessarily turn into an Ezra-is-a-racist-in-the-Little-House-of-Tories:

    Sandi, let’s clear up some confusion. Defending an imbecile’s right to freedom of speech does NOT equal agreement with the imbecilic comments. Work on that thought a bit, please.

  19. There should be some neutral wiki where all the party platforms are neutrally spelled out & compared.

    Actually, compared to what our American comrades are enduring, I think our campaign has been relatively issue-driven. I know, sounds amazing, but we’ve got both Afghanistan & the Green Shift, which between them will decide the election. And no two parties have the same two stances on them. Can’t complain about that.

    kody, I do hope we can all embrace your non-partisan spirit.

  20. Sandi…

    What you just wrote is what the media want’s, Partisan crap. Election’s should be about policy, and every party(CPC,LPC,NDP) has annouced lot’s in this first week.

    But then us partisan play “tit for tat” which get us nowhere.

  21. Killing Indians by the dozens so the bulldoers can get on with opening a golf course. That is outrageous!

    The Liberals are scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to find candidates in Quebec, formerly their electoral bastion, how the mighty have fallen.

  22. The Conservatives don’t have as many of these problems as their candidates are allowed to have, and certainly never voice, opinions.

    Just the same this is bound to happen to a few more candidates, from all parties, before this tedious affair has ended.

  23. … NOI allowed to have … I’d met to say

  24. Killing Indians by the dozen…… Dudley George.

  25. Ty-guy has arrived…

    That pretty much sums up my point..

  26. Speaking of negative campaigning, have you seen the <a href=”http://www.npd.ca/page/6800″new NDP ads in Quebec?!?

    Beware: French. With a moustache.

    But even the moustache doesn’t quite soften it. I mean, whoa.

  27. Speaking of failing to use proper HTML . . .

  28. To the media and journalist reading blogs to file reports, hi and welcome to liberal talking points which you WILL obey and REPORT via Macleans comment section.

    PROCEED to Kinsella and CHERNIAK before filing story.

    *stories must be vetoed by Liberal communication director Kady O’Malley before fit for print.

  29. You’re welcome.

    Your ‘under the bridge’ called, they’re out of you.

  30. Wait.. Kady has veto power on the stories? Has anybody told her this?

  31. Paul, I bet you didn’t think your headline would turn so self-fulfilling. Remember a while back when you praised the normally respectful and relatively rational level of discussion in your boards? Cocky, Paul, very cocky.
    But an interesting lesson in how folks change their behaviour when the stakes pick up- like McCain and Obama, but on a much stupider scale.

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