You people are not being helpful


Welcome to the new job, Mr. President-Elect:

Georgia Fired More Cluster Bombs Than Thought, Killing Civilians

U.S. Airstrike Reported to Hit Afghan Wedding


You people are not being helpful

  1. Don’t worry, PW. Prez BHO is the change he’s been looking for, and our time is now, and it starts right here in (wherever the “H” BHO is right now). All this silly nastiness goes POOF in late January. See how easy it is?

    If only the entrenched politicians could have thought of this change earlier…

  2. Why do they always bomb weddings? Do the pilots just think, Aha, mujahideen congregating in morning dress, finally! If I were getting married in Iraq or Afghanistan, I’d definitely go for the bunker.

    Funny how the only states to use cluster bombs (esp. in retreat) are footloose US proxies.

  3. Is eloping an option?

  4. Jack, watch out for the Amman hotel scene, while you’re in matrimonial mood.

  5. Yeah, seriously, I’d probably elope across the border from Anbar to Amman and end up getting it there. And people wonder why I’m single.

    The only upside to this latest wedding massacre is that it didn’t happen inside the Pakistan border. I think that’ll be Challenge #1 for BHO, that whole Pakistani sovereignty thing. Maybe a good index of how he’ll handle foreign policy: if he can somehow conciliate Pakistan, intimidate the Taliban, appease the hawks & doves back home, and not start WWIII I’ll be very pleased.

  6. Jack, I was warning you AWAY from Amman. The enemy of freedom specifically targeted a hotel wedding reception, killing many including (IIRC) one half of the celebrated couple.

  7. Sorry, “getting it” being shorthand for “dying.”

    IIRC, they only killed the bride; but that was also the time that the follow-up suicide bomber didn’t pull the trigger and ended up being arrested – one of the few ever captured.

    Can we can the “enemy of freedom” rhetoric now, MYL? The crowds have all gone home.

  8. Why do you hate America, Jack Mitchell?

  9. Sorry to upset you, Jack. What would you prefer to call these fine specimens of peace, tranquility and humanity? Shall we try: enlightened martyrs who tirelessly seek to convince the infidels of the glory of Allah through dismemberment? That better?

    Not wondering at all why you are still single, I remain,

    Your humble servant,


  10. You need to work on your pickup lines, MYL.

    How about “suicide bombers”? I’m sick of the whole rhetoric on both sides. It’s just tacky by now, especially without the threat of a police state to back it up.

  11. ‘whaddaya mean, ‘you people”

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