You stay classy, Ron Cannan


The Conservative MP—”The voice of Kelowna-Lake Country in Ottawa“—rose immediately after Liberal Maurizio Bevilacqua had delivered a statement on the earthquake in Italy this afternoon and announced to the House the following.

Mr. Speaker, I too add my condolences to the folks in Italy. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all those folks in Italy.

But there is an earthquake happening in our own country.

I would like to remind Canadians what the Liberal leader said on April 14th, just last week, and I quote, “We will have to raise taxes”. We thank him for honestly revealing the Liberal plan.

While Conservatives work hard for Canadian families, Liberals want to make Canadian families work harder to pay more taxes. Our economic action plan is making Canada a role model for the world in these tough economic times.

The Liberals want to make Canada the most taxed country in the world.

Some questions for him remain: When would he raise their taxes? Which taxes would be raised? How much would they go up? Who would pay? I invite the Liberal leader to stand and answer.


You stay classy, Ron Cannan

  1. I couldn’t believe my ears today when I was listening to QP. The analogy is bad enough I suppose (Iggy used tsunami later on) but to use the ACTUAL earthquake as a set up for your pun was pretty bad. It takes a lot to surprise me in the House these days, but that one definitely did given the context of the situation.

    • Classness is a small price to pay for trying to create “IGGY SAYS HE’LL RAISE YOUR TAXES’ as a genearlly accepted (if ignorant statement).

      • Anything goes, it’s the House of Commoners, and apparently the commoners are none too bright these days to elect someone like that.

  2. On the whole i liked it better when Harper muzzled his backbench vegetables.
    Pet was partly right when he said that these guys are are a bunch of nobodies five yards off the hill [ something like that ] With these clowns it should be amended to: nobodies on the hill as well – just classless, shameless nobodies!

    • Harper muzzled his backbencher – na, he “uses” them to get in partisan punches – to hell with their constituents that voted them in.

  3. Completely unacceptable.

  4. Well done Seguay – timing is everything! Keep up the good work.

    • I hope thats sarcasm.

    • Do Conservatives have any shame?
      Can Conservatives spell “segue”?

      • What is the problem with left wing nuts they lose their sense of humour? Shame on you. No sarcasm intended I am always 100% serious and us CPC ‘ers don’t have a sense of humour.

  5. I’m not sure ‘it was a segue’ offers any defence to the complete lack of taste and political judgment shown.

    I also think you should recommend ‘People’s Party’ as the next Conservative party slogan.

    • There used to be a comment I was replying to there…


    and speaking of murder, Mr. Speaker, how ’bout them Somali pirates.

  7. The point is, he used the earthquake specifically for a segue. If he hadn’t used the word “earthquake” we’re not talking about this. If he had just offered his condolences and moved on without the pun, it’s nothing at all, and simply par for the course as you claim,.


    Somebody for the love of God be embarrassed for this man as he doesn’t have the sense that God gave a goose to be embarrased for himself.

    hmmm, hypothetical raised taxes vs a very real broken promise about not incurring a deficit.

  9. Not quite as funny as Gerry Ritz yet, but if he keeps working at it those two can headline a night at the local Yuk Yuks real soon…

  10. It goes without saying that this is Trudeau’s fault.

    • the above was in response to LF’s comment, which has disappeared.

      • No explanation required. With or without LF’s input, all Canadians know that if there’s blame that needs to be cast, we’ll always have PET.

    • It’s all Trudeau’s fault.

  11. There is a joker born every moment. This only goes to show that some of us (politicians) play with words when other people are suffering.

    Having worked on a number of such disasters and visited the areas to witness first hand the calamity on the ground and the work of the first responders I am totally concern with the state of mind of Ron Cannan.

    GlobalMedic asked me to contact the Italian Embassy and see if they could go to Italy to assist with the work on the ground. The Ambassador was kind enough to decline the request.

    This is the kind of work that we should do as Canadians. We should come to the aid of others at the time of their need.

    Playing political games is not the proper response. Maybe a political earthquake should happen in the riding of Ron Cannan and people should get rid of him.

    • Please tell me you didn’t just use an earthquake metaphor too.

      • That’s why MP’s should keep their mouths shut, and never speak except in carefully released statements that have been professionally analyzed by their handlers.

    • Are you suggesting that your caucus didn’t approve of the wording of this comment beforehand?

  12. What else do “they” usually do?

  13. In other news, I just found out who Ron Cannan is.

  14. “It is the Liberals who need to explain their tax attack and should be ashamed.”

    It bothers me when people think its O.K. that the government is acting like the opposition in the house using every opportunity to ask the other parties to explain themselves without giving answers on any of their own actions. Ignatieff isn’t governing, Ignatieff isn’t raising taxes, Ignatieff really shouldn’t have to explain himself (mainly because he has already). So your “heroic Conservative MPs, representatives of the People’s Party” are merely a bunch of weasels that spew talking points while completely disrespecting the HOC. Shameful.

    • I used to think it was weasely, or some sort of Flanagan-or-other-advisor-esque strategy to eliminate the opponent “while he’s down”.

      But I can’t say, given the consistent bunk that seems to come from that side of the house, that I can give the Tories such credit any longer: I simply think they just don’t know any better.

      That’s not to say I think the Liberals (or any other party) are in any position to take over; I’m not even sure it can be said that they’re doing their job to the fullest either. They may oppose and critique in QP, but when it comes to the votes proper, “opposition” seems to disappear from their collective vocabulary. And they’re seriously lacking in the platform department.

      Here’s hoping for a fall election where both major parties have to answer for their failure to perform.

  15. You should probably just work harder as an intern in the PMO comm shop, LF. That was brutal.

  16. Are you saying then this MP has not judgement of their own, was given a script and blindly follows it?

  17. You need to up the dose on your mood elevators. You’re raving all the time.

  18. “Playing political games is not the proper response. Maybe a political earthquake should happen in the riding of Ron Cannan and people should get rid of him.”.

    I wouldn’t have believed Mr. Karygiannis said that if I didn’t read it myself. Just a quick tip Jim, when you call someone out for doing or saying something stupid, and then do the exact same thing in the next sentence, your credibility is about nil.

    • agreed.

  19. This is but one element of the slow motion car wreck which is playing out in our nations capitol.

  20. These guys will do or say anything to stay in power. Harper sets the tone and he is the biggest offender of them all. Bring on the election already. I’ve had enough of these fools.

  21. There is no defense of him using the earthquake in his statement, just as there is no excuse for Mr. Karygiannis remark here. Both of these MP’s should think a little more before speaking or posting on a blog.

  22. Ron Cannan and Jim Karygiannis are two wonderful arguments against Senate reform.

  23. How dare he bring up POLITICS in the House of Commons!?! The nerve of some people…

  24. You Liberal apologists need to get a life. This is politics.

    • No, this was hundreds of people killed and thousands left homeless in an earthquake. His statement that used a human tragedy to segue into badgering the Liberal leader was crass.

  25. No way he will ever be.

  26. Cannan’s comments don’t surprise me.

    Mind you I wonder when the Cons will COME out and tell Canadians how THEY will deal with the Multibillion dollar deficit? After they get kicked out of office? Probably.

  27. I’m with the above posters and also believe that it’s all Trudeau’s fault – somehow!

  28. No one seems to be as quick to mention that Mr. Cannan apologized today in the House of Commons. He tried to do so yesterday, but the Speaker didn’t notice when he made that indication.

    I think yesterday, Mr. Cannan, unwisely as it turned out, didn’t want to brush off the statement made immediately before him about the earthquake in Italy, and made an awkward lead-in to his statement. Yes, it was unwise… but man alive, don’t have a cow, Aaron and others!!!

    • Why?This is the first time the cons have behaved like this, isn’t it?

  29. You stay classy, Anton Wherry

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