Your democracy complaint box -

Your democracy complaint box


Elections Canada has now launched an online form where complaints can be directed.

Following media reports in recent days, the issue referred to as “robocalls” has generated much concern and interest among Canadians. Many have contacted Elections Canada, as well as the media, various political parties and/or their representatives and other organizations, to provide information. In addition, the House of Commons recently adopted a unanimous motion calling on all members of Parliament and political parties to assist in the investigation.

In order to facilitate the complaint process and ensure that information is provided directly to the Commissioner of Canada Elections, Elections Canada has developed an online complaint form that complements the traditional channels by which complaints about the electoral process are lodged with Elections Canada and/or the Commissioner of Canada Elections.

To report a fraudulent call go here.


Your democracy complaint box

  1. So if it was unanimous, does that mean Del Mastro will agree there is reason for the Conservatives to hand over their call information too?

  2. blatherskite hotline? 

    • Thought you might take the night off to drown your sorrows at Arsenal’s elimination from CL

  3. Looks like payback time – from Martin G&M:

    “The jackasses at Elections Canada are out of control.”

    In 2001, Stephen Harper was president of the National Citizens Coalition. That was his opening line in a fundraising letter.

    His loathing for the election overseers was almost pathological, recalls Gerry Nicholls, the conservative commentator who worked with Mr. Harper at the NCC. It was a “blood feud,” he says, one that appears to be “never ending.”

    But Mr. Harper had good reason, in Mr. Nicholls’s view, for his contempt. Rather than neutral public servants, the Elections Canada apparatchiks, then led by Jean-Pierre Kingsley, were “the epitome of bureaucratic evil,” with leftist axes to grind.

    • This is the kind of ridiculous rhetoric we get when people mix their religion and politics.

      ‘Feuds and evil leftists’…..and my favourite ‘out of control’…!

      Elections Canada is independent and non-partisan….they aren’t IN anyone’s ‘control’. 


      • Not yet; though I’m sure the PMO has a plan for that…

    • Harper said they were jackasses for going after an individual for posting election returns from the east on a website early.

      If you took a poll on whether EC were jackasses for doing that, I bet you more people would say EC were jackasses for doing that, than than not jackasses.

      Martin cleverly separates the context in which the term was used so he can launch a silly attack on Harper.

      • Westerners asked for that….said they were tired of hearing eastern results before they’d even voted.

        So the policy was duly implemented.

        And then the web happened….which made the policy a waste of time

        The idea that anyone would ‘feud’ over that was the absurdity.

  4. ” Following media reports”: 
    Elections Canada is taking it`s orders from the media.
    God help us all.

    Non-partisan and independent. No.  An organization that takes it`s initiatives from a leftist media is only non-partisan in the eyes of that media and those stupid enough to think there is any truth there.

    • No one ‘takes orders’ from the media….be serious.

      Media reports inform people….they have no power to order anyone about.

      Stop being frightened of all the ‘lefties’ you think are everywhere….jeebus, do you people LIVE under your beds or what??

      • Don’t be silly; that’s where the lefties lurk, crouched down behind the dust bunnies…

        • LOL leftie dust bunnies?

          I wonder where they keep all the dried food then.

          Always with the bunker mentality…..honest ta gawd, everyone is out to get them!

    • I hear that the Leftist Media and Elections Canada are meeting in Camera and that they’re using a Ouija Board to communicate with Karl Marx, Eugene Victor Debs, and a trained Soviet Bear to strategize their next move. Should be a doozy. 

      I know y’all got Ezra on your side and all, but I don’t think he’s quite enough to battle the Consensus Media *and* Elections Canada on his own. Perhaps it’s time to release the “list of names” and commence with the House UnCanadian Activities Committee. It’s getting real.

    • Those poor Cons, again. Victims of an evil cabal that includes the opposition, the “left-wing” media, the bureaucracy, NGOs, the diplomatic corp, environmental nazis, veterans’ advocates, climate change scientists, etc., etc., etc.,

      I’ve probably left a few out.

      • Online commenters.

        • Make that anonymous online commenters…

    • This is pretty flimsy.

  5. Why does Elections Canada bother to state that it`s complaint form is a result of media reports. One would think an independent agency, that has almost a year to think about it could come up with it`s own initiative. Why would it wait for the media to lead the story?

    When certain members of the media showed up with the police on the raid EA had on Conservative headquarters it probably wasn`t a coincidence. 

    • No it was an evil and deep commie plot…or maybe because it was just down the street, and clearly visible. LOL

    • Maybe because the media coverage has led to an unprecedented number of contacts from ordinary citizens and they want a way to properly direct and track all the contacts?

      (You will note that they mention the contacts from the citizenry have been going to a widely divergent group – media, politicians, etc – and so providing and publicizing a single point of contact will make the process easier and ensure all complaints go where they ought to.)

  6. Hey bathwater junkies, take your anger out on EA or our blog host who appears to give credit to the media for the new complaint form when he states that EA has now launched an online complaint form following media reports in recent days.

    • Hey Ellen…..stop being daft.

    •  Who is EA, anyway?

  7. How many complaints were there after the election, at the time when the matter was freshest, as opposed to months later and after a coordinated effort on the part of the opposition (and their friends in the media – “report your fraudulent call here!) to “encourage” reporting among their anti-Harper supporters?

    I suspect the number is miniscule.  Fair minded Canadians will likely not appreciate this partisan attempt to deligitimize our democratic elections.

    • So they’re all lying then, is that it, Chesterson? Some 30,000 people all lying and willing to risk criminal charges by lying to Elections Canada. 

      I can only assume from how my Alcan shares are down that you do your purchases annually in bulk? Probably a smart idea, I imagine the discount for that kind of volume is huge.

  8. After reviewing the form there is a glaring omission.   There have been numerous suggestions on line that people are falsely claiming they were the subject of a fraudulent robocall.  This is a criminal offence.  One would think that Elections Canada would be concerned about a politically motivated call in campain to lauch complaints, and provide a reminder that it is an offence to file a false complaint with a government official conducting an investigation.

  9. Sounds like some Conservative supporters here are thinking of pulling a Sona and stealing this complaints box.  I hope EC has it bolted down.