Your new drinking game


Total number of “Obama” references during QP today: 7.
Total number of references yesterday: 11.


Your new drinking game

  1. Trying to push your readers into alcoholism?

  2. No Sophie. I think he favours gradual withdrawal. BTW, is there a 12 step program for political junkies?

    • The best cure for Cdn political junkies is to force them to read Hansard.

      • What?! But Hansard shows us just what our politicians say – it’s interesting!
        I’m not being sarcastic.

        • Parts of Hansard can be interesting, in small doses. If you ever tried to read a volume from cover to cover you would end up in a coma.

  3. Harper is Robin to Obama’s Batman, apparently.

    • What happened to Harper+Bush=BFF4LIFE ? Will you guys make up your minds already?

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