Your Toss It Up-date -

Your Toss It Up-date



We’ve come to expect a mob like this at Toss It Up on Sparks St. whenever the Maclean’s crew heads over for lunch, a not-infrequent occurrence. Recession-proof formula for a successful Ottawa restaurant:

• Crowded

• Loud

• Staff shouts numbers at odd intervals

• There are forms to fill out

• Establishment name evokes thoughts of regurgitation

• Food’s good.

Apparently the last point trumps the others.


Your Toss It Up-date

  1. Do you seriously have to fill out forms to get your food?

  2. Not if you're getting a muffin. And if you're getting one of the menu items it only takes one check mark. But on the other hand, I had to fill out a form to fly to France, and millions of people fly to France.

  3. "No one goes there anymore, it's too crowded" Yogi Berra

    What do they serve at Toss It Up that leads to a bunch of people standing around idly? I thought it was a sandwich shop. Personally, I hate queuing so I would go to another place if I saw that gaggle but I know there are lots of other people who think it is a sign of good restaurant if it's that busy.

  4. Only vaguely related. But for some reason that reminded me of a memorable moment in one of King Ralphs coronations in Alberta. Apparently some bright spark thought it was a fine idea to adorn the party billboards with the legend: "Ralph for Alberta" Sadly none of them made it to a lawn.

  5. Hey if they have good food…..

    I just didn't think you were serious

  6. Licks in the Beach(es) – depending on how pompous you are – was like this: block-long lineups and a crowded, hot, loud, glorious hole-in-the-wall shop with singing counter staff.

  7. The label which pops up on the picture over the image of each person is very funny, Wells. Best laugh I've had for a long time. Thanks.

  8. Wait, you've been to France? Tell us more!!