You're doing a heckuva job, Charlie -

You’re doing a heckuva job, Charlie


From the transcript of Gary Lunn’s post-QP scrum this afternoon.

Question: On a different subject, it’s the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution.  I wanted to know what’s your thoughts on it.

Hon. Gary Lunn: I think he’s done a great job.

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You’re doing a heckuva job, Charlie

  1. I concur – well said Gary especially since mankind domesticated the cow (I Love milk as it does a body good) and not to mention the fact that it accelerated human evolution a million fold – I will leave it to the scientifically challenged to find out why on their own.

  2. As far as I know Lunn is not a fundamentalist Christian, if that’s what you’re implying.

    So Lunn’s inane response to an inane question is much less funny than you seem to think it is.

    • Huh, I thought he was doing a height joke.

  3. ” I wanted to know what’s your thoughts on it.”

    wtf kind of question is that? I think Lunn’s answer is pretty good, compared to the question. What was the reporting hoping for? An in depth discussion of irreducible complexity and how Darwin’s theory doesn’t provide all the answers.

    • I agree jwl and I thought it was an excellent answer for one of the worst examples of a gotcha question from a reporter who assumes all conservatives are tabaccy chewin, cousing marryin and bush luvin rednecks – more than likely the journalist (and I use that term Liberally = hey this is clever) is actually a recent american transplant fleeing his committment to re up as it were as he thought he heard stopm loss somehwere.. I hear tell thar’s a few of them in them thar hills.

    • Out of curiosity, why is it a requirement that a theory provides “all the answers”? (And which ones are missing – I’d love to know).

      I have to agree, though – why is a reporter asking the Minister of State for Sport this question?

  4. No? True? I’ve taken the whole crew for a bunch of knuckleheads but … no? Alas, you get the Govt. you deserve.

  5. can somebody please explain to me what purpose aaron wherry serves on this site?

    • To raise Cons/cons blood pressure?

    • Every so often he makes a useful observation.

    • Making popcorn. There are few higher callings.

  6. Drawing out you Darwin-deniers for Big Liberal Brother to come and brew up the newest flavour of solent green…

  7. Yeah, I have to agree with Wherry’s shrieking detractors here. It was a pretty good answer…in fact, the most sophisticated answer to a question any Conservative has come up with a long time.

    Kudos, Mr. Lunn..kudos.

    • Are you still boring yourself, or have you gotten over it already?

      • Well, it’s moot now, since you’re doing the job.

        • I think I heard some crickets chirping. You should investigate.

          • Speaking of *crickets*…Why don’t you mentor the wingnuts/ConBots for a while. They’re in desperate need.

  8. A genius does “a great job”. I wonder how Lunn would praise someone below genius level laying down such enormous and deep foundations of knowledge. Darwin not only figured out evolution and natural selection, but he correctly identified the source of morality.

    • You’re missing the point, Catherine.

  9. Mr. Lunn doesn’t know what he thinks because no one has told him what he’s supposed to think yet.

    • You dippers are a bloody liberty.:)

      • I know. A terrible burden to bear.

  10. I care deeply what provincial education ministers think about Darwin’s theory of evolution as it pertains to the embrace of the scientific method in our schools. As for every other politician’s views… nope, don’t care a bit.

    “Mr. Lunn, it was Groundhog Day last week. I wanted to know your thoughts on it.”

    “Mr. Lunn, the hapless Leafs humiliated the struggling Habs on Saturday. I wanted to know your thoughts on it.”

    “Mr. Lunn, seems like ice fisherman have brains smaller than their prey, eh? Pickup truck on thin ice, and walking over wooden planks en masse to get to an obviously separating ice floe. I wanted to know your thoughts on it.”

    “Hey, Mr. Lunn, bummer fires north of Melbourne — any thoughts?”

    • “Mr. Lunn, what is 2 + 2?”

    • Really? I would have thought you would care deeply about what every politician thought about natural selection, survival of the fittest etc. as it applies to public policy, funding, preserving your “entitlements”…

      • I am flattered that you care very deeply what a small-c conservative would think, given that as a child he was a public school educated parasite on the taxpayer teat. I am touched, Dot.

        • Well, doubtful you could have “mastered” thermodynamics on your own dime. Yet the entropy still increases…

    • “Mr. Lunn, my wife bought me this shirt for my birthday. What do you think?”

      “Mr. Lunn, have you any idea where I put my car keys?”

      “Mr. Lunn, a two-parter if I may…many people think that the Best Picture category at the Oscars will come down to ‘Benjamin Button’ vs. ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ Do you think this is an accurate assessment, Mr. Lunn, and which do you think will ultimately prevail?”

  11. To be pedantic, it’s the 200th anniversary of the birth of Darwin. It’s the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species . So the reporter question isn’t particularly accurate.

  12. Why the heck is Wherry giving us the name of the minister, but not the name of the reporter? I would like to know if the idiot reporter is Wherry or someone else.

    • sf, I sort of assumed Aaron was mocking the entire absurdity, including the question. But the first part of your comment is bang on: what idiot reporter wasted the fourth estate’s question and the minister’s time like this?

      • or kody on his new beat.

      • Wherry is afraid to expose a fellow member of the press club. He’d rather keep his press buddies happy than give us the full story.

        • Go watch CPAC and report back if you are so concerned.

          Frankly, I thought it was kind of a light hearted and funny question, and equally humorous response.

        • Most news bureaus in Ottawa subscribe to a transcription service that lists questions only as “Question:” because, in most cases, the people toting the microphones around for the transcription service don’t know the reporters, and the people transcribing the tapes from the fixed mikes don’t see the reporters. There are usually between two and five scrums going on at any given time during the half-hour or so after Question Period.

          • Fair enough. Thanks for the clarification. I retract my inaccurate accusations.

        • sf, I am not willing to buy the “afraid” line. You have no way of knowing either.

          • And there’s Paul just above with a better answer. Don’t mind me…