You're not helping, Mr. Szabo -

You’re not helping, Mr. Szabo


While the auditor general remains delightfully passive aggressive, Liberal Paul Szabo explains that one reason the public can’t have a look at the books is because, well, then we’d know about all the lawsuits we’re paying to fight and settle.

“If they were opened to the auditor general and open to the public, all of a sudden people would jump to conclusions without having all the facts,” he said.

“If you identify the member, or the law firm or all this other stuff, all of a sudden people could say … what’s wrong with this member, this member is getting sued all the time,” he said.

Szabo said a large chunk of the board’s budget is used to pay for legal costs because MPs are “very susceptible” to lawsuits and “our reputations can be ruined if it would ever get out.”

The Sun bureau, meanwhile, has apparently set out (scroll down) to interrogate every MP they come across, with predictably awkward results.


You’re not helping, Mr. Szabo

  1. Yikes, when Wherry is scolding a fellow Liberal publicly you know he f*cked up badly, hahahaha…

    Kudos to the Sun though for pursuing this. I watched the video where they cornered Libby Davies; you could have ridden the wave of flopsweat from Wellington Street to Wasaga Beach.

    • If Gilles the separatist supports making the expense public, it must be bad for the Federalists?

      Why did all three parties agree not to allow A.G. to review the spending? Too many red flags?

      This is a $ 500+ million blackhole of taxpayers money on an annual basis.

      • "number of lawsuits," including sexual harassment and wrongful dismissals brought against MPs each year and paid for by taxpayers

        Wow, and the AG would be going back to 1991?
        What could those goodie toe shoe Dippers have to hide?

        • I am curious why the MSM won't play this up, only the separtists in Quebec are interested in making the expenses of Parliament/Senate public.

          The NDP/LIB/CPC are all too shy?

          What are they hiding?

          • Vote buying. That's what they don't want the public to see. Trinkets and donations and the like.

    • Was Paul Szabo speaking as a Liberal or as an MP?
      I've noticed that the
      only party willing to open up the books is Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc.
      Do you think it's a dirty separatist plot?

      • I'd vote for the Bloc in a heartbeat if they'd only drop the separatist thing and run some candidates in the ROC.


        • they have the most intelligent leader except when they talk about separation which clouds the issue.

  2. 'jump to conclusions without having all the facts'
    'our reputations can be ruined if it would ever get out'

    Oh really. So what would be different than what has been going on for the last 4.5 years…except ALL parties, not just Harper and cons MPs, could be battered by the media?

    Bring it on!

    • Ha ha ha

      All parties are battered by the media wilson. No matter how many times you say otherwise is simply is not true.

      Now about that conservative "take responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming others for their misfortune" thing…

      • Gayle, that would be the grown up and responsbile thing to do. They can't handle maturity.

  3. Sexual harrassment … hmmm, can a story featuring "busty hookers" and "partying-MPs" be far behind? All these single and barely-married MPs on the hill ….. oh please, let's have a nice juicy sex scandal to tide us over the summer while Parliament is not sitting … puh-leeze…

    The Americans have a sex scandal almost every month. The best we've got so far is Rahim & Helena and Snowdy and company.

    Come on, 308 MPs. Help them out. Taxpayers are blowing half a billion dollars a year on y'all. Let's get some entertainment.

  4. The lawsuit issue is actually easy enough to check. Media should simply go down to the courthouse and do searches of the files for files involving persons who have served as MP since whenever. Might be all the simpler if they generally get sued in Ottawa.

  5. The old "Blame it on the suits" trick.

  6. " MP Joe Comartin of the NDP said this type of examination should not be done by a public servant. "It's the electorate who makes those decisions as to whether we spend our money properly," he said. MPs have said they are considering making public the KPMG audit.

    Excuse me – but the excuses are pathetic. If Fraser is just a public servant why does she get to audit the Government? Comartin's comment really surprised me – Mr. Comartin, Canadians can't make a proper decision about the spending habits of the MP's if they don't know the facts.

    A pox on "all" of them from "all" parties, except Duceppe.