You’ve got a friend in Newt


The winner of the South Carolina primary shouts out the Prime Minister.

“What Prime Minister Harper — who, by the way, is conservative and pro-American — what he has said is he’s gonna cut a deal with the Chinese and they’ll build a pipeline straight across the Rockies to Vancouver,” Gingrich said Saturday night. “We’ll get none of the jobs, none of the energy, none of the opportunity. Now, an American president who can create a Chinese-Canadian partnership is truly a danger to this country.”

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You’ve got a friend in Newt

  1. I find it passing strange to hear Canada come up at all in American discourse – never mind Newt giving shout outs to our supposed conservative Prime Minister – but for past few months Keystone is huge issue in US and Americans are actually paying attention to Canadian issues. 

    Does anyone know how many times in Canadian history that American President/Congress have actually cared what Canada is doing? I think over/under would be around 3 times in 150 years.

    • They probably pay as much attention to each other as any two governments in the world, but it tends to be on small scale stuff where they are both ensuring rather similar interests.  If you mean big flare ups regarding important differences of opinion, you may be right. 

      • All countries are going to have continual irritants but I meant big flare ups. Canadian/US relationship is similar to condo owners, apparently. 

        Prohibition, Vietnam War and NAFTA made Americans think seriously about Canada I believe but can’t think of any others at moment. 

        Maclean’s ~ Canada’s Biggest Problem? 

        Robertson has much the same message. “With the Americans we tend to focus on just the little neighborhood stuff,” he complains, noting that the Canadian emphasis on bilateral irritants came to irritate Bush’s secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. “She would say, ‘Here come the Canadians with their condominium issues.’ ” Robertson, for one, regrets that Harper raised the issue of hockey flights at his tête-à-tête with Obama, rather than leaving it to ministers and ambassadors. “It makes them wonder: are we dealing with a border state governor or a serious G8 nation? We tend to ratchet stuff up because we think this is what the public wants. But the public wants results. A lot of stuff the President can’t resolve.”

  2. So what part of that quote is Newt speaking as PM Harper’s “friend” Mr Wherry?

    Perhaps the Liberal media needs a new approach,  cuz this mentality has put the LPC in 3rd place.
    Oh, scratch that!   Carry on

    • If Harper (/we) wants to build the pipeline, and Newt wants to build the pipeline, doesn’t that make Newt Harper’s (/our) friend on this issue?

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • You mean like Dief?

    • Presumably he can’t be blamed for calling the PM a “conservative” can he?  After all, last time I checked, that’s right in the name of the PM’s party!

  4. It looks like holding the Winter Olympics in Vancouver has paid off for the city after all.  Even Newt has heard of it.  He even knows there are Rocky Mountains in Canada.

    Of course, the fact that the pipeline terminus at Kitimat is 1400 kilometres by road from Vancouver seems to have escaped his notice.

    • Well, it is remotely possible that he was referring to the existing pipeline that already runs to Vancouver, but given American knowledge of geography (even by a self-proclaimed polymath like Gingrich) probably not.  And, of course, having crossed the Rockies, any pipeline will have to cross the Selkirks, Monashees and Coast ranges as well – but even Canadian politicians often get befuddled by the concept of mountain ranges other than the Rockies.

    • LOL

      We forget how big our country is sometimes, don’t we?  It’s funny that, by distance, it would have been as accurate to say that the pipeline’s terminus was in Calgary!

  5. Newt is implying that Harper only went to plan B once he had realized Keystone was in trouble;  not true! Enbridge was pursuing this option in any case and Chinese investment in the oil/tar sands has been going on for some time now.
    Harper’s a pretty smart guy. I suspect he’d still rather be dealing with a known pragmatic Prez in Obama rather then an unpredictable fruit cake like Newt. Unless maybe Wells’ thesis of payback from the Obama WH is going to only get worse for Harper? It’s even possible Obama has entirely different sustainable road he wants to walk, not one that proritizes Canadian oil above greening America. And if he needs to step around Harper or even run him over he will.
    We’ll know once the election comes around. I doubt if the core Harperites will be able to keep their noses out of this election anymore then they did the last one, if they see their values reflected in a Republican candidate.

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