Shadow defence minister Denis Coderre on the Prime Minister’s recent habit of discussing Canadian foreign policy through the American media.

“I’ll check the Martha Stewart Show tomorrow and we never know, maybe the Prime Minister will be there and we’ll have a new recipe.”



  1. Who is Denis Coderre again : sorry but the name seems vaguely familiar isn’t he a shadow of something?

    • Oooooo. Not quite a zing, there Wayne, but at least a zi… maybe as much as a zin.

    • Pwease don’t Wayne on my pawade.

      • you forgot : wayne wayne go away … as well .. no pain no wayne …. and … singing in the wayne … nned I go on or do you want some more puerile attempts at humour?

          • Weally!

          • stop compwayning, everybody…

  2. Really not a zing. Nativist, populist crap from a reliable source for that sort of thing. Just as Reform used to complain when Chrétien travelled. And before anyone complains that Harper only talks to Americans, it’s a bad week for that complaint: he spoke to Mansbridge, Paul Arcand and Tom Clark last week. Nice to see the Liberals aren’t above cheap, meaningless shots. When was Denis Coderre planning to grow up again?

    • Your response is much better Paul but I think it’s a bit cheeky for Libs to get snarky about Harper in America after Libs spent money to put Iggy’s picture in Times Square and behaved like it was a coup for the party.

      • ROFL LMAO – perfect jwl! = that’s a real zinger!

        • Doesn’t Well have some comments on his own blog to delete?

          Anyway, I think the LIberals used to let other people in the caucus talk as well, if I’m not mistaken. The only person Harper lets speak is Gary “Shut Yer Face!” Goodyear.

    • That “anyone” might well be me. But then, I might be overly influenced by the Macleans home page.

    • Nice to see the Liberals aren’t above cheap, meaningless shots

      Nice to see that there is at least one journalist here who will call them on it when he sees one.

  3. Lame.

  4. Haha zing indeed. Maybe Harper could do us all some good, step down and retire from canadian politics and head down south! He seems to like the Americans so much; maybe he can be an analyst for Meet the Press or CNN or something of that sort.

    • next thing you know out comes evil meanie stevie Obama clone!

      • Sigh,maybe i do like the idea of Ignatieff taking the libs further right after all?

        • Ignatieff going further right wouldn’t be horrible. A centrist party, that’s the ideal situation for Canada.

          • Agreed!

  5. Almost everything Denis Coderre says is funny. Just, you know, in a different way.

    I admit I would like to see a man of Stephen Harper’s personality and temperment on ‘The View.’ The over-under on his head exploding would be about 5 min…

  6. I could be completely off base here, but I seem to think that it pained Aaron greatly to add the oh-so-necessary question mark at the end of the title, because he was hoping that it would be generally considered a zinger. He was probably hoping people would be all “Oh snap!, Coderre got the PM good! Sure made a fool of Harper, he did!”

    Granted, Aaron could have been mocking Coderre. Or genuinely curious as to whether this would, in fact, qualify as a zinger. In those cases, this comment of mine wasn’t just pointless, but completely unfair. On the other hand, however, what if I’m bang on, and I didn’t leave this comment? Then I would be being unfair to myself, which is an injustice I simply cannot countenance.

    • I wrestle with these sorts of dilemmas all the time. After a while i invariably come to the realization – i just don’t care as much as i thought i should!

    • I was thinking the same thing. Especially since Wherry avoided adding any explicit opinion about it – either we jump on board and laugh and ridicule the prime minister, or we think nothing of it. It’s a bit of a teaser. Especially since Coderre is known for this sort of thing.

      If the joke/insult went the other way, then Wherry’s post would be something along the lines of his umpteen posts about the lack of civil discourse in the Commons and the government’s utter failure to act distinguished by either rolling over to the opposition or by adopting the Liberal platform.

  7. What’s strange isn’t that Harper is talking on American TV, but rather

    a) American TV cares/answers his calls
    b) they are breaking Canadian foreign policy on US tv

    What’s next, is Harper going to announce customs union negotiations on Conan?

  8. All this fuss over a one liner? Reporting at it’s best here – or not.

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