Defence Minister Peter MacKay responds to the suggestion, from the NDP’s Christine Moore, that he desired to use the F-35 fighter jets as his personal taxi service.

Mr. Speaker, to show just how informed the member is about the aircraft, there is only one seat in an F-35, so I could not take it as a taxi if I wanted to.



  1. But you’d sit the cockpit and pretend, wouldn’t you Peter?

    • Didn’t he fly the simulator into some buildings?

  2. Positively Churchillian, compared to his fellow cabinet members. 

    • That’s the sad part — he’s considered to best of breed in this shallow talent pool,

  3. Anon ~ the problem with political jokes is they get elected

  4. He’d be happy to sit in someone’s lap I’m sure.

    • Hey.  He’s married to a very hot wife now.

      • LOL so?

      • But  isn’t she a pilot? 

        • “A licensed pilot, Afshin-Jam flies both powered aircraft and gliders and achieved the highest rank in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets—Warrant Officer First Class.”

  5. It’s something of a relief to know the MoD actually got that one right. Now could he tell us how much 65 of those seats ar going to cost us?

    • Ah, no.  Not today. 

      • Ah, so in a sense the meter is  runnng?

        • Just like the debt clock.  I see Lockheed Martin has come up with an alternative – even they see the writing on the wall. 

  6. I knew Macleans had become a serial hate crime constantly breaching the Criminal Code of Canada but to spike my copy because I criticized Toews’ so called private life strips any veneer of impartiality. Muslims are going to out breed us and take over the world and impose sharia law. God, you had to hire a Brit to get crud like that?

  7. Just as long as you keep your word, Peter, and never join those Albortion Reformers. And, what’s missing from your curriculum vitae is your first job–with convicted serial criminal Karlheinz Schreiber. Thankfully yer Dad hid him out in Nova Scotia while his fellow conspirators were doing the decent thing and killing themselves.

  8. Meh.  He could hitch a ride in one of the air-to-air refuelers that will have to shadow these jets, if they ever plan to fly one from one base to another.  Problem solved.

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