Our View from the Hill: Has Justin Trudeau been tested in this race?

… and what dangers does he face right now?


On Saturday afternoon in Toronto, the would-be leaders of the Liberal party will make their last pitches to the party faithful. The winner will be announced April 14. In the meantime? Lots of time for speculation and debate. From the Maclean’s Ottawa bureau, here is John Geddes and Paul Wells on some of the questions in play around the frontrunner in the race:

John Geddes, Aaron Wherry and Nick Taylor-Vaisey will be at the Liberal “showcase” on Saturday. Watch the site for their live coverage and analysis.

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Our View from the Hill: Has Justin Trudeau been tested in this race?

  1. I can hardly wait to see Justin in a real debate, he will be intellectually eviscerated.

    • So you’re supporting him? Just for the entertainment value, of course.

      • I’m pretty sure every Conservative supporter in the country is rooting for Junior at this point. Heck, maybe they should open up voting to CPC members, they might be able to get more than 10,000 people voting in this debacle, and they can give Trudeau the landslide victory they desire!

        • And we liberal are happy you are doing it. Watching the grins fade from your faces is going to be all the sweeter.

          • No fading grins, sorry………….this will be very entertaining, JT will have to tread very carefully around Mulcair and the rest of the NDP types.

          • Right… Like you all thought the senator would take him out in under 5 seconds…cue the whining…Brazeau wasn’t fit, the ref was a lib…Trudeau’s reach was illegal…it didn’t mean anything…whatever.
            But you’re right about Mulcair though, if Trudeau makes the same mistake of underestimating him the way the CPC underestimate Trudeau.

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      • That’s so cool that you have the ability to judge peoples intelligence by their names. Are you also able to judge people based on their race, religion, or socio-economic background?

        • This comment was deleted.

          • Liar. Give me a single example.

          • You forget, i’ve got a registered account here. That dare would be no challenge at all. You’re widely known to be a resident troll here.

          • No example…..you’re the liar

        • Why else would you make up a fake name and bio if you didn’t think so yourself?

      • You’re a bigot.

        • Those that live in crystal caves should not chuck stones Billy. You and Omen are peas in a pod.

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    • Sounds like there is going to be more journos at Saturday’s event than Liberal partisans but that’s a distinction without difference, really.

      The Liberal party’s big leadership showcase Saturday is at risk of falling flat even before the candidates take the stage.

      Party organizers hoped close to a thousand people would pony up $150 per ticket to attend the leadership candidates’ final speeches at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Saturday afternoon, but so far only 225 general admission tickets have been sold, the party confirmed late Thursday.

      Sales are so bad the party has opted to give candidates unlimited free tickets to hand out to supporters in the hope they can fill the cavernous hall.


      • People aren’t buying the snake oil that they’re selling.

        • No, it has to do with over pricing what turns out not to be worth going to – a real convention with some atmosphere and tension. But you keep on telling yourself comforting little tales there bud.

          • Bud?

            What are you smoking?

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    • Yes, it would be “unconventional” for a supposed Parliamentarian to avoid parliament and go on a permanent campaign. But if he did that, then Wherry wouldn’t be able to complain about the “permanent campaign” any more.

      But at least you Libs have finally acknowledged that he’s not a policy guy.

      • My my, i wonder which modern politician came up with the permanent campaign in this country – he’s been doing nothing much but campaigning since he got his foot inside 24 Sussex. Now suddenly you have qualms about it. Bit late to the ethics bar aren’t you!

        I didn’t claim it would be the right thing to do. But in any case partisans like you would have zero room to complain about it if he did.

        • I’m not saying Harper isn’t on a permanent campaign, nor did I say it was necessarily a bad thing, if you’d read my comment.

          I was simply pointing out how you’ve been complaining for years about the “permanent campaign”, and then you’re suggesting that your favorite candidate do just that. It’s kind of hypocritical, which was my point.

          So sure, you can try to call me a hypocrite for pointing out your hypocrisy, except you’re just proving my point.

          • Your right, i’ve been complaining about the PC – so no, i don’t particularly want Trudeau to follow suit. But, as i said, if he did you’d be the last to have a right to complain. I’ve no idea what your last sentence means, but is is entertaining to watch you try to think outside the box.

      • conservatives frequently avoid parliament and make policy announcements in safe conservative ridings which is where they are spending all of my money. “Gazebo’s away”

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    • I think it’s very savvy of you to underestimate him.
      It shows an advanced level of political maturity and acumen.

      • Yes. An advanced level of political maturity and acumen. Traits that Justin will never master. Very savvy of you to point that out. Thanks.

        • Gotta hand it to you Senator, you sure showed the press on April 1. How are the rematch plans coming with shiny pony?

          • Talking to yourself again Stewart? While I’m quite sure that you know what you’ve said here I’m not sure that anyone else does. Or even cares.
            PS. I’m a Liberal. Just not quite as politically challenged as the shiny pony boy your so fond of pandering to.
            Best of luck with all that.

  5. This comment was deleted.

    • Yes, one should always judge a person from how you feel they performed at a parent’s funeral. I”d call you a dipshit but that would be offensive. To dipshits.

  6. I think the coronation of JT will work out about as well as the coronation of Michael Ignatieff. This Liberal party ‘renewal’ is just a replay of the last event, except their chosen one is even a less qualified candidate than the last coronation. Pretty sad really.