Our View from the Hill: When will we get answers?

Clusterduff, Ford Nation and what comes next


Aaron Wherry and Nick Taylor-Vaisey of the Maclean’s Ottawa bureau consider two burning questions in a crowded week of news:

  • When will we get answers on the Wright-Duffy affair?
  • Is Rob Ford unstoppable?

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Our View from the Hill: When will we get answers?

  1. Hasn’t it dawned on you guys yet that you’re not GOING to get answers?

    • Isn’t that pretty much what Wherry said, starting with his very first sentence?

      • LOL I dunno, I didn’t listen.

  2. Wherry you should not be so obvious when you are staring at women’s knockers, especially when you are on camera.

  3. Perhaps the RCMP initiative announced 2 days ago at Globe and Mail
    titled, “RCMP launches new unit to investigate corruption in federal
    government” will provide a few answers!

  4. Let’s compare, shall we? Let’s compare the wall-to-wall coverage of Rob Ford’s alleged drug use to the media disinterest in Jack Layton’s confirmed visit to a whorehouse. Let’s compare the coverage of Rob Ford to the clear disinterest in Joe Fontana’s apparent involvement in racketeering, along with the likelihood that it extends all the way back to his time at Public Works Canada (itself ground zero of Adscam, which was in turn a textbook racketeering scheme)? Let’s compare the interest in Mike Duffy’s apparently fraudulent expense claims ($90,000), to the media’s disinterest in the still missing $40 million in Adscam money. (Hint: peruse Myrtle Beach, SC and various Florida land and property title records and you might find some hidden gems.) Let’s compare the near constant search for scandal amongst Conservatives to the yawning disinterest in figuring out how so many Liberal Party of Canada movers and shakers become multimillionaires on an MP’s salary.

    Look, I’d like to shoot Mike Duffy with a ball of his own crap as much as the next guy for abusing our finances. But, the bottom line here is that the real financial scandals are things like McGuinty’s power plant fiasco and the apparent abuse of public funds by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities- including but not limited to the possibility that the Mob also has their hooks into that money. Let’s prioritize, people. (Wherry, Wells, et al- that would mean you.)

    • Are you kidding me? with the exception of Fontana, all of the issues you mentioned were covered ad nauseum by the media. Just because they’re not still being covered years after the fact doesn’t prove media bias. Come back five years from now and we’ll see how much coverage Rob Ford and Mike Duffy are getting.

      • So, you don’t think it would behoove some media outlet to go fishing for some very interesting property details in a couple of expensive vactaion regions favored by the Liberal crowd? Do you think the allegations about Ford trump the Fontana issue, with its’ attendant ties to the Mafia and Adscam? Does the Rob Ford “scandal” trump the Ontario power plant scandal? The level of coverage would indicate that it does, in spite of the fact that a panicky decision by the Ontario Liberals sent several hundred million taxpayer dollars down the memory hole. Think about this: How many taxpayers will have to work and pay taxes their entire lives just to cover the costs of the Liberal power plant fiasco?