Parliamentarians of the Year 2012 — Best orator: Bob Rae

The interim Liberal leader keeps his party in the game


Blair Gable/Reuters

Tie slightly askew, Bob Rae stepped up to a podium and spoke to the Canadian Club of Canada on Nov. 15.

He had notes, but barely glanced at them. Rae’s voice is catching up to his age, but the interim Liberal leader was stubbornly forceful as he staked out the middle ground on energy policy.

It’s what anyone who’s ever listened to Rae, particularly in the House of Commons, would expect. Few command such respect in that raucous chamber.

His questions of the government are often measured, but carefully damning. Rarely does he lose his cool. The Liberals are lucky for Rae’s oratory. It’s hard enough to be heard from the far corner of the House, particularly with a government side that so delights in shouting down opposition attacks.

Rae’s gravitas keeps the Grits in the game.

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