Patrick Brazeau lands new gig at Ottawa strip joint

Suspended senator is a day manager at the Barefax Gentlemen’s Club


OTTAWA – Patrick Brazeau has gone from sitting in the Senate to helping run a strip club.

The suspended senator, who faces criminal charges in connection with the expense scandal that roiled the august upper chamber last year, is now working as a manager at an Ottawa strip joint.

Brazeau has been spotted inside the Barefax Gentlemen’s Club in recent days, but he declined Wednesday to speak to reporters camped outside the establishment who trailed him inside to the door of his office.

Carmelina Bentivoglio, the daughter of the club’s owner, said Brazeau interviewed for a job as a day manager two weeks ago. He’ll be responsible for “scheduling, hiring, firing, inventory — just like any other job,” she said.

He’ll oversee between 25 and 30 employees in his new job, which he started Monday.

“He was looking for a job, was speaking with my family member. He knew that I was looking for somebody,” Bentivoglio said over the din of a pulsing pop-music beat.

“So it just kind of landed on us, really. That was it.”

Brazeau is on three months’ probation, like any new hire, she said. And as far as special skills he might bring to the operation? “Probably public speaking,” Bentivoglio said. “He probably will be good with customers.”

Working at the Barefax is the latest in a string of odd jobs for Brazeau since he was suspended from the Senate last fall.

He took to Twitter to find work and tried his hand as a columnist for the Halifax version of Frank magazine, a separate entity from the Ottawa publication of the same name that first reported on Brazeau’s new job.

But the magazine canned him after one-and-a-half columns, prompting an apology from the editor for subjecting readers to Brazeau’s “narcissistic ramblings.”

Brazeau has been without a steady Senate paycheque since his suspension in November. Prior to that, his pay had been docked to recover more than $48,000 in inappropriate housing and travel expenses.

Earlier this month, the Mounties charged Brazeau and former senator Mac Harb with one count each of fraud and breach of trust in relation to their travel and living expense claims.

The Mounties allege that Brazeau fraudulently claimed his father’s home in Maniwaki, Que., as his primary residence, although he was rarely seen there and lived primarily just across the river from Ottawa in Gatineau, Que.

Recent media reports also suggest Brazeau and his estranged wife have been missing mortgage and loan payments and may now face losing their house in Gatineau.

The disgraced senator is also facing charges of assault and sexual assault as a result of an incident last February.


Patrick Brazeau lands new gig at Ottawa strip joint

  1. while not everyone will approve of his work, it’s good to see he criminally inclined take legal jobs within the community. This is a big step in his rehabilitation.

  2. Although it’s good that he’s working, I question the wisdom of hiring someone currently charged with sexual assault, to manage a strip club.

    • Takes a “pimp-hand” to keep things running smoothly.

  3. Shades of Blackstone?

  4. Fyi, Mr. Brazeau submitted a column on senate reform which we published last month at Looniepolitics-com.

    • So? Your focus is the loonie bin?

    • Best way to reform the utterly useless senate is to eliminate it.

      So simple, even Ottawa might get it right.

  5. Best comment I read on another site was that he wanted a job less sleazy than politics.

    • A bit like Karla Holoka saying she wants to move because of all the sexual predators in her neighbourhood.

    • Strippers provide entertainment for the clients and participation is optional.

      Senators arbitrarily with CRA as the strong are consume our money for nothing but waste.

      I think he has a more “honorable” job than before.

  6. I just heard Mike Duffy has been hired there as A bartender and Pamela Walin got the pole dancer opening
    Apparently they used Harpers name as a reference as did Patrick
    Wow , lots of jobs out there if you want to work?

    • they did say they would crack down on foreign strippers.

    • Canada’s Economic Action Plan: “Working for You!”

  7. Its a more respectful job he has.

    Not much has changed, instead of stripping Canadians of their money for waste, he now is stripping women…same moral level, Strippers are better as entertainment is provided. It isn’t just other peoples money for nothing and people can opt out.

  8. If it helps him to straighten out and get back on his feet,why not?

    • If it doesn’t work out I could always get him in at BK