Paul Calandra apologizes to the House

The parliamentary secretary regrets his responses


After question period today, Paul Calandra, parliamentary secretary to the prime minister, stood on a point of order and apologized to the House and Tom Mulcair for his now-infamous responses to the NDP leader on Tuesday.

In a statement, the NDP leader’s office says Mulcair accepts Calandra’s apology.

Mr. Mulcair accepts the apology. We are moving forward with a debate next week on relevancy in question period and we hope to get the support of Calandra and his colleagues.

The debate referred to is on this motion, which the NDP is proposing to give new powers to the Speaker to cut off responses in question period.


Paul Calandra apologizes to the House

  1. Why is he crying? Did the Prime Minister spank him? What level of emotional maturity are we dealing with here? It’s frightening.

    • The level of leadership we have is appalling isn’t it….

    • Call me a perv if you want, but I would click that link.

    • Even by the PM’s standards it would be cruel to spank him for doing what he was told.

    • I think he is crying because there will now be a new rule implemented in the House, called: “The Calandra Rule”, named very aptly after the behaviour of this said CON’s Calandra, just so that this kinda redundantly rude rhetorc, never happens again. ?

      However, the CON’s don’t consider this too much of a setback, since they’re happy that they can still continue lying. ;)

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