PQ election platform highlights values charter and language

Platform outlines 36 commitments leading up to the April 7 election


LAVAL, Que. – The Parti Quebecois has released an election platform today that puts the proposed charter of values and protecting the French language at the top of its list of priorities.

The platform outlines 36 commitments in all, ranging from identity issues to the economy and the environment.

There’s another priority that’s not numbered but gets listed before all the others, in a preamble on the document’s first page: a commitment to Quebec independence.

The platform says the PQ will call a referendum when the time is right but doesn’t commit to a time-frame, and until then will work to defend the province’s interests within Canada.

That echoes comments made by PQ Leader Pauline Marois in recent days as she makes a push for a majority government in the April 7 election.

The 23-page document was unanimously approved by party members on Day 4 of the campaign, at a meeting at a Laval hotel.


PQ election platform highlights values charter and language

  1. huh? Well, let’s look at this for a moment:

    > these separatists will use any scheme, real or imagined, or create any scheme to support their position. They have been blaming for every ill for decades. For those living outside Quebec and reading this posting the term , the “other”, means non-French speaking or more accurately, “les maudits anglais”, the damned English. The political elite make sure that their children speak English.

    > never, never, will the separatist mind-set allow that maybe, just maybe, some of the problems in Quebec are simply caused by the leaders in Quebec, the French leaders in Quebec. Based on early Acts, Reports and Treaties the French language was doing fine until two things happened to change that: 1-the birth rate among the French families began to drop, significantly, after World War II, and then, 2-immigrants to Quebec, my grandparents among them, had been told to enroll their children in English (Catholic) schools because they were not “French’ and the Jewish children were told to enroll in English (Protestant) schools because they were not Catholic. Hence, the creation of Bill 101 and the Great Exodus, chapter 1976, verse 1;

    > now, the problem is that there are these students from elsewhere in Canada studying here that are the threat. Thei was never a problem before. If these people ever succeed in achieving a separate state then one has to wonder who will they blame for the mess that will follow.