QP Live: Harper walks a tightrope on Wright-Duffy

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants as much distance as possible between himself and the two namesakes of the Wright-Duffy affair. The PM told the House yesterday that Wright was deceptive and that Duffy should be off the public payroll. Today, expect NDP Leader Tom Mulcair to attempt to tie Wright and Duffy to the PM’s Office.




QP Live: Harper walks a tightrope on Wright-Duffy

  1. The media is a walking a tight rope, and they know it but don`t want to talk about THAT:

    When Mac Harb resign after HE claimed false expenses, the media thinks Mac Harb did the right thing!

    When PM Harper wants the other senators who did exactly what Mac Harb did, suspended without pay because PM Harper cannot fire those senators even if he wanted to, then the media thinks Harper does the wrong thing!

    To begin with, Harper was bad because Duffy was bad!

    Now Harper is bad because Duffy is good!

    Members of the media have nothing on Harper. It is not Harper walking a fine line here! It is the media now in full damage control, trying to cover up their very own inconsistencies!

    Pathetic how members of our media no longer understand the meaning of reason and logic! Pathetic how Duffy`s actions, then bad, then good (!), are being used by the media to put the blame on Harper either way!

    Guess what, members of the media: you can`t have it both ways! Ordinary Canadians know that much! And that is why the vast majority of Canadians support Harper to suspend those senators without pay! The common man, who Harper represents in the House of Commons, understands what needs to be done! And they will stand on Harper`s side for doing the right thing!

    But don`t worry too much, members of the media: soon, when it will be revealed that Mac Harb is not the only Liberal senator who will be caught with his hands in the cooky jar! Soon there will be many more to talk about. And my bet is, that then suddenly the members of the media will want this scandal to go away!

    I can hear them already: “What is Harper doing, still talking about those senators! No need to keep that in the news for months and months on end! How wrong for the PM of this country to never talk about anything else but the senate and its scandals!!!“

    Members of the media: you are walking a tight rope indeed.

    • Your posts are so blindly partisan, they’re comical and even mildly entertaining.

      “In the end, it doesn’t really matter where [his] actions or lack of them fall on that scale. He is the leader and a leader is responsible for the actions of the people he leads. If he had a right or honourable bone in his body, he’d admit that and resign immediately.” Stephen Harper during the Gomery investigation

      • Tom Mulcair is your hero now! I see, that same Tom Mulcair who has his legal fees paid for by his own party and then lets his party pay for the penalty as well!!! What a hero your Tom Mulcair is.

        I am not partisan or trying to defend anyone!

        I have posted comment for months on end to ask for balanced reporting, that this is NOT a Conservative scandal, but that this is a senate scandal.

        But now that we are hearing the news coming from Harper, it may be so that actually Tom Mulcair has a good scandal in the hiding about HIS own conduct!!!!!

        But close your eyes and ears for the next few months! It won`t be pretty for the Liberals and the NDP! That I can guarantee you! Stay tuned!

        • You’re very sure of your opinion, I can tell by all your exclamation marks.

          • Yes, I am sure of my opinions. I have logic and reason by my side; that`s how my mind works, and works well.

            But you have nothing to address the real contents of my posts with. Nothing.

          • Your reasoning is heavily biased towards the people you support and your logic is twisted to fit your belief.

            You’ve already made up your mind that everyone that doesn’t worship at the altar of Stephen Harper is wrong, that isn’t what I would call reason and logic.

          • Tell me where I have not used logic. Tell me where I have not used reason!

            That you can’t or won’t do! That tells me enough

          • Psst… You keep saying there is nothing. Four times in the past week I have pointed out SOMETHING and asked your opinion… and you have yet to respond. You like to try to redirect this in any possible direction: JT; Mulcair… yet you STILL haven’t addressed that single issue: How do you account for the fact Harper keeps changing his story? Clearly one or more versions is a lie… How are you supposed to spin that?

      • Your posts are so blindly partisan, they’re comical and even mildly entertaining.

        Ah yes, as opposed to every other post on these boards, which are full of completely impartial and very thoughtful analyses of each day’s events.

        Macleans had some very meaningful and thought-provoking discussions in its comments boards many years back. I’m not sure if you followed them, but it seems the more thoughtful commenters have been driven away (repelled, perhaps?) as the uber-partisans and hecklers hijacked these boards. Of course, Macleans’ Blog Central as a whole has changed drastically over time, as bloggers like Andrew Coyne and Kady O’Malley left, and only a handful remain, with Aaron Wherry picking up a disproportionate amount of slack while the other bloggers/writers contribute only sporadically.

  2. another big yawnnnnn !

  3. See what happens when Tom Mulair wants to play the clown! When the media does not do its job!

    Pay attention to what will happen if the media does not do its job!!!!

    How much did Tom Mulcair charge his very own party. Why is Tom Mulcair still on the public payroll!!!!

    Report the news, Mr. Harper, if the media won`t do it!

    Good for you, Mr.Harper!

    • This comment was deleted.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • So you defend Tom Mulcair then, to have taken money out of the NDP Party Fund to pay for his legal fees when he was accused of libel and when such penalty had to be paid by Mulcair as well for the libel charges!

          Not only did Tom Mulcair let his party pay for his legal fees to defend himself; Tom Mulcair then lost his case and was assigned penalties, and those penalties were also paid for by the NDP Party Fund!

      • Why, does Tom Mulcair think we live in North Korea!

  4. Cullen, do you know what your leader has been up to when he raided the NDP Party Fund!!

    Perhaps Cullen should do some real research!

    • Red herring.

  5. How much money did the Liberal Party take out of its Party Fund to cover the legal cost of Dion, Fry and Dryden to over step their EC rules!

    And how much did the Liberal Party take out of ITS Party Fund to cover legal fees when Martha Hall Findlay managed to pay back the 2006 outstanding loans under the NEW rules!

    HOW much!

    • Red Herring

  6. Have members of the media already started their research into how much Tom Mulcair took out of the NDP Party Fund!

    I don`t think PM Harper used the word `libel`lightly!

    • Red Herring.

      Have you anything to say on this issue? Or is your only argument “BUT MOOOMMMM! THEY DID BAD THINGS TOO!”

      And if that’s all you have, could you at least do us the favor of keeping it to a single top level post?

  7. harper knows, the only way to discredit mulcair, is to bring out his anger, and that’s going to be his mantra from this point on.

    • No, what the mantra is going to be from this point on, is that if the media cannot report on all parties, then the PM of this country will tell the news!

      Just like he did today!

      I feel sorry for you that you do not understand what has been going on for months on end! Why would the media not report on Mac Harb, and why would the media not report on the NDP Party Fund having covered Mulcair`s legal fees AND the NDP Party Fund having paid the penalty coming out of libel by Mulcair as well!

      Not just legal fees, but libel charges penalties as well, all covered up by the media and all covered up by Tom Mulcair himself!

      • This is how you keep making an ass of yourself. The NDP didn’t pay squat for Mulcair’s legal fees.

        I guess there’s little point in correcting you now since you’ve already been braying about how smart you and Mr. Harper are…

        A little discretion would serve you well. Ms. Verhoeven.

        • The NDP did pay for Tom Mulcair’s legal advice AND they paid for the penalty he was asigned to pay as well! Legal fees AND the $95,000 penalty imposed by the courts, paid FOR Tom Mulcair out of the party’s fund!

          • I am confident the NDP did not pay for Mulcair’s legal fees and penalty. You are dead wrong.

          • I love the fact that – here on the internet where it is so convenient and painless to actually check your facts – there are still so many jackasses who simply can’t be bothered. Apparently it cuts too drastically into the time they have allotted for pronouncements about their own superior intelligence.

          • People who post only the official talking points aren’t curious or smart, they are just giddy little pawns trying to distract and deflect. Useful idiots for their parties. But really annoying to anyone who wants to actually have a conversation. We shall see if this one decides to actually go look anything up. My intuition says no way.

      • I think you need to get over the mac harb thing, its really making you look bad, but what you say about mulcair, will raise more doubts among people who don’t know alot about him. Canada don’t know anything about mulcair like they know about harper and Trudeau, he is still an unknown commodity. if harper do survive, I would say he will be on life support until another scandal shows up after this sorry mess. it will take a clean record from this point on to 2015 to bring him out of this coma.