QP Live: a quiet Friday after a frenetic week in Canadian politics

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Maclean’s is your home for the daily political theatre that is Question Period, when opposition and government MPs trade barbs and take names for 45 minutes every day. If you’ve never watched, check out our primer, which we produced with J-Source. Today, QP runs from 11:15 a.m. until just past noon. We tell you who to watch, we stream it live, and we liveblog all the action. The whole thing only matters if you participate. Read our morning tease to catch up on the issues of the day, and then chime in on Twitter with #QP.


The House will, again, be occupied largely by the Senate expenses scandal. But without the major party leaders or any new revelations, other issues will now find the limelight. Opposition MPs will also ask about veterans affairs and EI reform.





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