QP Live: Amidst a crisis in the Senate


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Questions abound about the personal cheque former PMO chief of staff Nigel Wright handed to Senator Mike Duffy, since resigned from the Conservative caucus, to cover over $90,000 in improperly claimed expenses. Also, Senator Pamela Wallin resigned from the Tory caucus, and a number of Senators are speaking up about the need for consequences for colleagues who break the rules. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who addressed his caucus this morning, won’t field questions in the House. He’s flying to Peru, but his designated point person will surely have their hands full.




QP Live: Amidst a crisis in the Senate

  1. So Justin finally understands that being on autopilot when asking questions during QP is not the smart thing to do. If Justin would have listened to what Baird had been repeating all along, namely that two independent officials are looking into the Duffy/Wright affair, he would have, no doubt, asked earlier about who the two independent officials are.

    It finally did sink in for Justin that the question should be asked, but then it was too late. The clock had run out on Justin. Maybe tomorrow Justin will stay off of autopilot when he has the chance for asking questions in the House. Perhaps tomorrow we shall see if Justin now understands that listening to what Baird has to say is just as important as reading off his repeat question from a prepared sheet of paper!

    Tomorrow Justin, tomorrow we will see!