QP Live: Another Friday after another long week

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Who will stand up for the government to defend the Prime Minister’s innocence in the Wright-Duffy affair? You get one guess. Scroll down for the answer. If you’ve watched Question Period even sparingly in past weeks, you only need one guess.

Maclean’s is your home for the daily political theatre that is Question Period, when MPs trade barbs and take names for 45 minutes every day. If you’ve never watched, check out our primer, which we produced with J-Source. Today, QP runs from 11:15 a.m. until just past noon. We tell you who to watch, we stream it live, and we liveblog all the action. The whole thing only matters if you participate. Chime in on Twitter with #QP.


Paul Calandra, who answers questions with questions with the best of them, will be pelted with queries related to Sen. Irving Gerstein’s role in the Wright-Duffy affair, and the PM’s confidence in the senator. Apart from questions on the Senate, opposition MPs who don’t get a chance to rise during the rest of the week will ask about a smorgasbord of other issues.





QP Live: Another Friday after another long week

  1. Can’t wait for the Paul Calandra bed time stories. His constituents must be very proud of the work their representative is doing on their behalf.

  2. Remember the missing 8 mins from the Watergate tapes. That was the cover up. The now cover up now, to the PMO scandal, is going to be the missing emails from the PMO.