QP Live: Budget Day has arrived

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QP Live: Budget Day has arrived

  1. I’m uncomfortable with the Flaherty Manulife actions, simply because the insurers got cranked after interest rates tanked. They do not have the string of 16 years of massive profits and trophy wives that the banks have. Obama will try to push for fossil fuel-less cars in his budget. A long time ago they cut up the North American auto industry and gave Canada a fixed percetnage of the American market (neither country wanting workers to flip back and forth across the border I guess). Nickel batteries might start to be manufactured in a decade or so. A subsidy to mine Nickel and quota a fixed percentage to American manufacturing demand, seems reasonable. Of course the batteries might not be nickel.
    10 yrs R+D plus 8 yrs mine ramping up, could be shortened to 10 years total, if the risk of having a strategic nickel stockpile (if the batteries turn out to be sulphur or something) is considered acceptable.

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