QP Live: Can Wright-Duffy outlast Ford in Ottawa?

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The Prime Minister had to say something about Rob Ford. Stephen Harper’s office called Ford’s crisis “troubling,” which is about as benign as concern gets. His spokesman said the boss is no fan of illicit drug use, and guess who else admitted to doing drugs? Indeed, Justin Trudeau and Toronto’s angry mayor are two men who have admitted to smoking drugs, so lumped together they shall be. Meanwhile, the NDP has somehow escaped the House’s crack-pot war on drugs. They’re probably more concerned with Senate scandal, as is that party’s historic wont. Prepare for more direct questions and “crystal clear” statements about who know what, and when, about that infamous cheque Nigel Wright gave to Sen. Mike Duffy.

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Paul Wells and Aaron Wherry all have eyes on the chamber as the proceedings get underway.


If the PM shows up, he’ll be on his feet frequently as NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, if he shows up, will be on his feet frequently. Senate expense scandals are still in vogue in Ottawa.





QP Live: Can Wright-Duffy outlast Ford in Ottawa?

  1. Its a bit much for the media as well as Harper lumping Trudeau in with Rob Ford. Ford smoked the crack and drove while drinking , not Trudeau(Trudeau only smoked pot). If tom ever got out of Ottawa, maybe some Canadians might get to know him, but instead he(tom) relies on the Ottawa media to try and pump his numbers up for him. Its the lazy way for political leaders to get votes.

    • How much pot do the media smoke and who smokes it, that they wont admit to Canadians ?

  2. Does this Ford Nation will vote for Justin too?

  3. Most of us Baby-boomers have at least tried pot. Some of us have had some regular usage and held very responsible type jobs. I have friends on the police force who have some on a regular basis. Trudeau has the right idea for harm reduction, legalize and regulate so we have control and can keep it away from our kids. They can say all they want about the issue but it WILL help to get Trudeau elected, just observe the numbers which include Liberal die-hards, most Baby-boomers(big numbers here) and lots of red-cons who also puff a joint here and there. Oh ya, another sure thing, Harper will screw-up again.