QP Live: Duffy double cheques the PMO’s claims

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Sen. Mike Duffy stood in the Senate yesterday and, for the second time in a week, defended himself against claims made by his political enemies—namely, the Prime Minister’s Office and its fearless leader, Stephen Harper. Today, the government will be forced to answer Duffy’s newest accusation: that the PMO paid his legal bills earlier this year.

Meanwhile, CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes is taking on the Senate expenses scandal.




QP Live: Duffy double cheques the PMO’s claims

  1. Their is one way harper can discredit Mulcair, that is by bringing out Mulcairs anger.

    • Can you troll somewhere else?

  2. tom is now cross examining and that’s un parliamentarian.

  3. this is parliament, not a court room. I don’t mind tough questions, through all you can, but I dislike parliamentary procedure being trampled on.

    • I thought the opposition’s job was to hold the government’s feet to the fire. Mulcair is doing a hell of a job.

  4. Calandra serving up extra cheese this morning. Take a bow pizza delivery people – it’s your strong moral code that makes this country so great!

  5. I’ve been watching Michelle Rempell, who sits behind Harper, since the return of parliament. She does not look happy at all. She is not doing the faux intense listening to Harper and is not auto-applauding him, as the others do, .

    • That was noted by several people on Twitter too, so I switched over to a video feed and watched — she was not being the usual bobblehead twin with Candace Bergen, it’s true. I don’t see her ever crossing the floor, and she has actually made her own bed by agreeing to defend this BS on TV all spring and summer — and that’s how she got into cabinet. Bergen was still nodding and clapping mightily.

    • Whereas Ms. Bergen has developed a serious case of
      “oh, my hero” eyes.

  6. The way he’s driving the bus back and forth over Wright and claiming now that he was fired, I have to wonder if Harper has some inkling that Wright is going to spill his guts and this is a preemptive strike.

    • It seems like a very dangerous tact for Harper to be on, whether he knows Wright’s coming forward or not. Loyalty is one thing, but Wright has to worry about his own reputation. It’s never a good idea to give someone the motivation to plead to a lesser offence in exchange for giving information about others.

      • Not if you are the one they’ll be spilling their guts about, anyway :-)