QP Live: Few answers emerge on the Senate crisis

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper might be out of town, but questions remain about who knew what, and when, with respect to Senator Mike Duffy’s arrangement with former PMO chief Nigel Wright that saw Wright cover over $90,000 of Duffy’s improperly claimed expenses. Expect the PM’s designated spokesman—yesterday, that was Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird—to be on their feet quite a bit.




QP Live: Few answers emerge on the Senate crisis

  1. THE LORD SAID,all the governments are rotten to the core,from top to bottom,THAT MEANS IT CAN’T BE FIXED,everyone has to be REPLACED,or NO REPAIR is possible,nothing thats rotten con be used,and everyone KNOWS IT,he said top to bottom,scrap it all or no changes will matter,do you understand yet……………………..

  2. Kevin Sorensen has done nothing wrong. Kevin Sorensen is my MP and I find his comments asking about Mulcair’s unethical behaviour very befitting, since no one in the media wants to put Mulcair on the hot seat.

    Kevin Sorensen has not written any cheques to Duffy. I am not aware that Kevin Sorensen has done anything unethical as a MP. If anyone knows of some unethical behaviour by Kevin Sorensen, then I would really like to hear about it, since it is me casting my vote for him in the next election!

  3. Harper is running from this. That means he has no good explanation.