PM Harper vs. the Wright-Duffy Affair: Here’s what happened during QP

A recap of today’s political theatre


This is a bad day for Stephen Harper. The RCMP alleges the PM’s ex-chief of staff, Nigel Wright, broke the law when he gave a personal cheque to Sen. Mike Duffy as a means of repaying taxpayers for improperly claimed expenses. Corp. Greg Horton, an RCMP investigator, built his case against Wright in an 80-page document, known as an information to obtain a production order, that was released today. The doc meticulously dissects roles big and small played by myriad senior Conservatives—both in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Senate—as Wright’s payment to Duffy played out.

This afternoon, Harper will respond to the document in Question Period. He has a habit of remaining defiant whenever the opposition thinks it has him cornered, and he almost certainly will give no ground. We don’t know exactly how he’ll phrase his defence, or how quickly he’ll counterattack, but we do know he’ll be on his feet more than ever. Expect a fiery Tom Mulcair two sword lengths across the aisle to make the PM’s job quite difficult.

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Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau will use the myriad claims in RCMP documents to fuel relentless attacks on Stephen Harper. The PM will spend as much time on his feet as he ever has, defending his apparent innocence in the Wright-Duffy affair.





PM Harper vs. the Wright-Duffy Affair: Here’s what happened during QP

  1. It isn’t mate yet, but that might have been check?

    • Yes, about $90k worth of “check”

    • Check? Do you know how to play chess?

      • Umm, i think check comes before mate and game over. But i could be wrong? Maybe it’s just something Harper did or said in a drunken stupor…that seems to be playing well theses days?

  2. Not sure I get the O Canada thing !

  3. Harper’s personal legal advisor at the time, Benjamin Perrin, has been identified in the RCMP documents of having negotiated the deal between Wright and Duffy (with Duffy’s lawyer). I hope that Mulcair asks Harper about what sort of legal advisory role Perrin was playing in March of this year…

    • A lawyer doesn’t do anything without checking with the one who pays his bills. And Perrin is Harper’s personal legal advisor. If Harper’s personal legal advisor is paid by public funds then, I as a taxpayer, have a right to know what was said between the lawyer and the PM. Enuf said!!

      • YOU are both lying! The RCMP report does not say that Perrin negotiated the deal.

        YOu people are simply throwing around empty allegations.

        • Are you paid by the CPC to troll sites and post, 64 posts today alone, Wow you have a lot of time on your hands.

  4. “Lipstick and Lies – The Stephen Harper Story”.

  5. Canadians wont get answers until the investigation is completed. that’s all is happening right now is nothing but pure theatre, and im sick of looking at Tom get angry. harper will never come clean.

  6. Justin Trudeau better join the fray .. and soon. Who ever is working in JT’s office is doing a sh*t job of researching. “When is the PM going to tell Canadians the truth../” isn’t going to cut it. Even Megan Leslie, second chair for the NDP has got it!! JT, you wanted the job, now get on with it!!

    • You think Justin Trudeau can defend himself? What about Justin skipping the House in session while on an MP salary to then go out and charge schools and libraries some extra fees to hear him speak? Talk about milking the taxpayer and Justin Trudeau comes to mind, not NIgel Wright. Nigel Wright GAVE to the people while Justin Trudeau, for 3.5 years TOOK from the taxpayers to stuff some extra cash into his OWN pocket.

    • I saw his little performance and I could have personally slapped him. He had this ridiculous little swagger that wasn’t’ at all complimentary.

  7. You can tell the CPC that “leadership” is about going forward. Seems Harper’s leadership is based on hindsight; when he discovers that something has gone wrong, due to lack of his attention, he corrects it (in hindsight). Often “correcting” means disciplining and firing people.

  8. Stephen Harrper ” You can’t prove I knew anything because I learned how Mafia Don’s worked and my Consigliere’s aren’t dumb enough to include me in electronic communications”.

    Harper knew, as did lots of others, the RCMP will drag it’s heels but reveal as much, Harper will still beat Justin Trudeau, I won’t vote for either, nor Mulcair, green party….nominate someone that isn’t a nutbar environmentalist and you’ll get my vote, I’m not anit-green but really you need to have a bigger agenda than “oil sands BAD” considering that accounts for a huge portion of our trade/economy.

  9. War is peace , Freedom is slavery , ignorance is strength, Let me be clear . George Orwell did not wright fiction .