QP Live: ‘He says, he says’ on the Senate scandal

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A whirlwind week in Ottawa has more explosive accusations and declarations of betrayal and denials of everything then you tend to find in a given week. The twin tirades of Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin in the Senate chamber have captivated Ottawa. Through it all, Stephen Harper will again be the target of opposition attacks.




QP Live: ‘He says, he says’ on the Senate scandal

  1. The NDP is throwing mud now! They have nothing left to substantiate and don’t want the fake scandal to stop.

    Oh, Tom Mulcair, stop making a fool of yourself.

    For weeks and months Duffy and Wallin and Harb were in the news because most everyone said that they had claimed expenses they did NOT incur!

    The PM told them to pay that stolen money back and suddenly Wallin and Duffy are heroes!!! How is THAT going!

  2. Hey, Tom Mulcair, how much money did the unions give to Pat Martin to pay off his personal debt??? Was it more or less than $90,000?

    And how long does Tom Mulcair try to keep that amount secret? And how long will the media be in agreement to keep that amount given to Pat Martin a secret??

  3. Who advised Mac Harb when HE claimed false housing allowances? Was it Goodale, was it Trudeau or was it the Liberal senators who are now trying to save their own skin!

  4. Mr.Goodale: why are you in agreement to keep secret who advised Mac Harb on his false expense claims? Mac Harb has been abusing the system for the longest time and yet, not once have you, Mr.Goodale, spoken out against such abuse of power. Why??

  5. Methinks thou dost declaim excessively, Ms. Verhoeven. Getting a little anxious, are we?