QP Live: Just try not to be distracted by Alberta’s election

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

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Mike Duffy’s criminal trial is on hold until next Monday. A new poll says, in broad strokes, more people in Canada are happy about their economic plight than are unhappy. Yesterday, the auditor general’s spring report left Stephen Harper’s critics disappointed—maybe this time, they’d hoped, Michael Ferguson would finally, after so many tries, track down that secret, massively corrupt government program that Harper’s haters swear they saw coming a mile away. No Duffy for a few days. No budget backlash at the steps of Parliament Hill. No suggestion that the Prime Minister is hoarding cash in spare moments. God, who stole all the intrigue?

Meanwhile, far to Ottawa’s west, an election campaign has Albertans wondering about life without a Progressive Conservative government. They’ve wondered such things at least several times since the PC dynasty took hold in 1971, and thought they had their minds made up in 2012 before betraying such ambition. But this time, those rabble-rousing left-wingers who run the NDP, and haven’t won more than a handful of seats since Progressive Conservatives ran Ottawa, actually think they have a chance. Alberta votes on May 5. For now, those of us who can’t help but fix ourselves on question period are contented with Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, and maybe even Elizabeth May, if she’s lucky.

The caucuses all meet today in Centre Block, and they all walk down the hall to the House of Commons dutifully riled. This could at least be a banner day for noise.

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QP Live: Just try not to be distracted by Alberta’s election

  1. Funny ‘This Hour’ just done a small segment of RE Brosseau a few weeks back showing a scene of her milking a cow on a farm, I thought it was a good metaphor for the NDP party.

  2. Stupid day for Duffy questions in QP without Harper, though a lot of the MSM is giving Harper a free pass from it. Harper has yet to be asked any tough questions from the media. And give up this kangaroo court crap Tom, if Tom said that to judge in court, the judge would toss him out on his head, the dippers owe 3 million to taxpayers and the media are letting them away with that, but allowing the Dippers a free hand in attacking other parties.

  3. Is this the best QP has to offer? This place is on life support.

  4. Yes sir, this place has gone from a coma again, back to life support.

  5. Macleans has to take the high road and the bigger picture; no one else will: who are the biggest financial contributors to political parties and individuals in Canada in this upcoming election….like exactly. Who owns each and every newspaper and media outlet in Canada and could their be an ethnic/ ideological bias, especially regarding Canadas commitment to the middle east. The people who comment and are deleted on internet sites….. who are they are what cause are they secretly advancing . Why does Conrad Black get to write for the National Post. Is Patrick Duffy a red hearing and nothing but a sacrificial lamb; have thousands of civil servants ripped off the government for generations. I could go on and on but your guys are smart people why don’t you do some of these stories and others.

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