QP Live: Justin Trudeau’s first test as Liberal leader

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Justin Trudeau walks into the House of Commons for the first time as Liberal leader. He’ll have a tough time filling the shoes of his predecessor, Bob Rae, whose reputation as an orator in the House precedes him. All eyes will be on Trudeau’s first exchange with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.





QP Live: Justin Trudeau’s first test as Liberal leader

  1. Justin should be asked if he is OK with unsealing what his father had sealed as a state secret, namely the deal where Petro Canada bought the shares of Petrofina Canada at an inflated $120 dollars plus a share when they had been trading at $12 dollars prior to the start of negotiations,

    I wonder how many Liberals made out like bandits on that deal?

    • Maybe when Harper let’s us see all of those Afghan detainees documents. Grow up. The people who rule us will always have their fingers in the till to some extent. We’ll never get tto find out exactly how much, regardless of party.

    • Wow. I am continually amazed at the ability of people to believe absolutely anything to justify their bitterness.

      Personally, I think that Albertans should concern themselves with why they are so willing to spread their provincial legs for oil and gas companies.

      • Eeeww….you win the internet today…I think.

        Again, for the record, eeeewww….

      • Justin Trudeau’s dad Pierre was not unlike Hugo Chavez;

        During the early 1980s, Petro-Canada continued to nationalize foreign
        oil companies. In 1981 the company purchased the Come-by-Chance,
        Newfoundland, refinery for US$237 million and the Belgian-owned
        Petrofina Canada for about US$1.5 billion. Two years later, Petro-Canada
        bought BP Canada for US$348 million, a purchase that included 1,640
        service stations and 108 terminals and bulk plants.

        • The idea was to be self-sufficient in petroleum by nationalizing the industry because it was stupid for Canadians to buy oil from Venezuela. And yes investing a lot of money to do so. Clearly a bad bad thing. It is much better to be prone to the rapid fluctuations of the commodities and resource markets, which Alberta still hasn’t figured out.

          Of course, the problem with investments is that if you can’t let mature under your watch invariably some knob takes over and sells everything below cost before they can accrue their real wealth and value. All under the guise of championing the “free market”.

  2. I’m sure Baby Trudeau was up all night memorizing a question to “hurl’ at the PM…and this will be the focus of every media outlet for days to come…Oh, Joy…would rather watch those funny “attack” ads about our newly coronated savior

    • You just like watching the attack ads because the beautiful one is disrobing, Change your name to pervy.

      • lol… that’s pretty witty, i’m not sure why.

  3. I’m anticipating JT to appear [just for today] in his fleur di lis underwear. The ones with a bulls eye pic of Harper on the butt.

  4. The substitute drama teacher has stage fright.

  5. Rich boy.
    Rich family.
    Desperate party.
    I dont like him.
    That is all.