QP Live: On the eve of the ‘do nothing’ budget

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Tomorrow’s the day when budget, usually so benign a word, will take its place as a Twitter trend in Ottawa. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will table what the political bubble loosely predicts will be a “do nothing” budget—whatever that means. Every dollar spent does something, right? You’d hope, anyway. So, that in mind, parliamentarians return to Ottawa from their weekends.

Let’s have some fun today. Let’s gamble a bit, no money involved.

Every day, the NDP asks a bunch of questions. Usually, the party—much like the Liberals beside them—focuses its efforts on one or two major issues. Last week, electoral reform. The week before, veterans affairs. And so on.

The official opposition’s last question almost always departs from the day’s primary targets. The party has asked nine different questions in the 10 days of questioning since the House returned from its winter break. MPs have asked about a toxic leak at the Port of Quebec, the government’s ongoing litigation related to a rail bridge in Quebec, a contraceptive drug that Health Canada is considering for approval, service cuts at Canada Post, funding cuts for refugee health care, the plight of a Canadian journalist imprisoned in Egypt, flood damage in a northern aboriginal community, service cuts to the Algoma Central Railway, and skills training in Quebec.

What will be the NDP’s finale on Federal Budget Eve? Go ahead. Guess. The winner gets a blog post praising them effusively. Good luck.

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The NDP, toiling in the calm before tomorrow’s budget, may continue to push the government on electoral reform, as well as poor job growth, coming labour battles, and citizenship reform. The Liberals will keep tying their questions to the plight of the middle class.




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QP Live: On the eve of the ‘do nothing’ budget

  1. I think both the grits and the dippers should keep sticking to the theme of corruption and cover-ups. The only way the feds in the states got to Al Capone was by following his money trail looking for the corrupt part of the corruption. As we know now, Capone went to jail after the feds followed the money.

    • Only difference between Ottawa and mafia is the perception of legitimacy.

      They both operate collections, education plans, health plans, unions, enforcers, judges, lawyers, armies and more, even have top leaders calling the shots living the large life on other peoples money.

      Sometimes they even work together to inflate contracts so you get bigger government and more mafia, and ultimately more of other peoples money, our money.

      Both even counterfeit no value money, just that governemtn is much more efficent at creating no value money and laundering it to its buddies and back room deals.

      The object and primary motivator of both organizations is the same as well. See how much money you can get from the people and how little you do for them to get it.

      Only real difference is the perception of legitimacy.

  2. Boy are the cons ever giving Elections Canada a dressing down today(The Harper Scripted Playbook). I wonder why ? We wouldn’t be talking about the” Fair Elections Act ” today, if it wasn’t for the laws the cons broke..

    • Elections Canada has been biased against CPC for a very long time.

      Change was by necessity.

      • Yeah, and every time I got a parking ticket was because the cops were biased against me.

      • Most are long time Liberal/socialist types so it isn’t’ a surprise.

        Canadian polices is a ruse anyways. On a statism rigged ballot the only result I see of voting is who gets more of our money to do less for us.

        Not one option for less taxes, less governemtn, less bailouts, less inflated contracts, less money for nothing programs, transfers and waste….for more productivity, more economical and more efficiency.

        Just the greed of statism putting us, our kids and grand kids with more debt and taxes.

        None of the parties represent the productive people who make this country work.

        • Certainly looks like voter suppression strategies are working on you.

      • I know, paranoia runs rampant in the con party. that’s what happens when the world is against you.

  3. It wasn’t a do thing budget. It was a do nothing constructive budget of deceit for taxes.

    Lets judge how they move and not how they talk.

    Dolalr just took a 10 cent hit, thats (1.00 / 0.90 ) 11% inflation hit. It means CBSA collecting $40 billion in hidden taxes now gets $45 billion in hidden taxes as the tariffs and price fixing taxes go up on the next imports of cheese, meat, flour and appliances…even stuff to build homes. How many know that many foods and clothes are taxed in Canada to get the poor, retired, disabled paying hidden taxes they didn’t know exist? Or the reason why you pay so much for dentistry is the back end tax load?

    Anyone notice how little the retired, disabled and vets got for a raise? Sure was a lot less than the workers increases for EI/CPP. Same with basic deductions which increased much less than real inflation. This is tax table creap for a hidden but real increase of tax value to the government. Its a tax increase in disguise.

    But hey, we love politicians deceiving us. Ra ra big government treating people like tax slaves. The reason Harper said “….it costs government…” is because government thinks they own you like slaves. As it really doesn’t cost governemtn anything, it costs you and I a lot of wealth to live in a tax inflated economy of debt fraud.

  4. The Liberals were very weak in Question Period today with the phoney, rhetorical statement/non question efforts. And the Opposition knows the budget is printed already so why ask for additions now? What happened to Mulcair’s Duffy/ Wright direct style of questioning? They’ve all dropped it.