QP Live: Quebec corruption seeps into federal circles

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You can bet that the opposition isn’t finished with the Wright-Duffy affair or the broader Senate expenses scandal. They’ll ask the same questions they’ve been asking for weeks: who knew what, and when, about a personal cheque the prime minister’s former chief of staff gave to Senator Mike Duffy to help him pay back improperly claimed expenses? But there’s yet more fodder for the opposition, given the news of charges laid against Saulie Zajdel, a Conservative candidate in the 2011 election and former exempt staffer in Heritage Minister James Moore’s Montreal office, by Quebec’s anti-corruption unit. UPDATE: Moore’s office has officially condemned corruption.





QP Live: Quebec corruption seeps into federal circles

  1. Duffy and Wallin have both worked for the CBC. Should we now say that corruption is seeping in at the CBC?

    Consistency is of the essence, non?

    • Duffy left the CBC in 1988, Wallin in 1995. I suppose we could blame the CBC (if we are morons) but the CPC appears to be the more relevant commonality between these two (and a whole long list of others). See today’s news for another example of a deeply-embedded CPC creep who has run into some legal problems.

    • You’re defining consistency?

  2. Quebec corruption seeps into federal circles………been there for a hundred years.

    Latest manifestations would be the Chretien/Martin Liberal years.

    • Er, no, the “latest” would be the former Conservative cadidate and staffer as noted above.