QP Live: See you in the fall, prime minister

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who never attends Question Period on Fridays, won’t show up today. In fact, he won’t be back in the House until the other side of the summer break. That means a designation spokesman—Heritage Minister James Moore has played that role consistently in past weeks—will field questions from the opposition on the Wright-Duffy affair.





QP Live: See you in the fall, prime minister

  1. “When danger reared its ugly head, He bravely turned his tail and fled…Brave Sir Robin!”

    Harper is Brave Sir Robin: he’s chickening out; he’s running away; he’s buggering off …

  2. Ah, memories … Pierre Poilievre (bless his black and shriveled little
    heart ) brings it all back. Back … waaay back … in the day there was
    a communal folky/rocky group based around the Stratford,Ont. area,
    I think. Pretty good too … did a dynamite version of You Ain’t Goin’
    Anyway .. there is a point here … they did gigs, mostly around southern
    Ontario and the introduction went something like … Ladeez and Gennamin,
    The Perth County Conspiracy !! (their name), whereupon the group would
    slowly emerge on the stage chanting ” does not exist” “does not exist” as they
    appeared before the audience.
    Or maybe the point is that I’m old enough to remember that.