QP Live: Stephen Harper responds to explosive allegations

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Sen. Mike Duffy might not be the most popular guy in town, but he’s not the parliamentarian feeling pressure today. That honour falls directly on the shoulders of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Yesterday, Duffy directly accused the PM and other Conservatives of demanding the PEI Senator repay $90,000 in expenses.




QP Live: Stephen Harper responds to explosive allegations

  1. To paraphrase Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive, “Your fugitive’s name is Mr. Stephen Harper. Go get him!”

  2. I wonder who will be the first Tory do distance him/herself from Harper with the laurels of leadership dancing in their heads?

    • No Conservative will distance themselves from Harper now. It has become clear that the media created scandal is falling apart.The only question remains is this: what will the opposition parties and the members of the media busy themselves with now that the falsely created scandal is coming to an end? Perhaps you could answer that. Or perhaps not.

      • the truth pal not a media created scandal lololH arpers credibility is toast .hes finished in politic. you need help if you dont get it. we do

    • From a trifecta in Ontario, where Harper was predicting wins for Hudak, Ford and himself, Harpers brand is now looking a tad infected. The fact that the conservatives couldn’t elect an MPP given the scandal swirling around McGuinty speaks volumes.

      • They did elect an MPP, and in Toronto, no less. So your facts are wrong, along with your conclusion.

        The Liberals elected an MPP in Scarborough by promising a subway they had previously opposed, then after the win, reducing the scope of said subway. Bait and switch.

      • You’re right. I meant to specify in McGuinty’s riding.

  3. Flaherty looks zoned out.

    • He’s biding his time until he retires from this freakshow.

    • Who wouldn’t be zoned out when the same fake questions are being asked?

      Me, I find it funny when Trudeau and Mulcair are making fools of themselves.

      • says a silly con supporter

  4. I like to take a drink every time a Conservative says “prosperity”, and a double if they say “jobs and economic prosperity”.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • And so I assume you approve of Pat Martin’s secret gifts from unions.

        What do you think: did the union membership approve of their hard earned money being donated to pay off Pat Martin’s personal debts??

        • Look! A squirrel. Or is that a troll?

          • Only say troll when your looking in a mirror.

        • This comment was deleted.

          • Give that seal a fish!

          • This comment was deleted.

          • likewise reality is not your forte lol

          • I have something to say. You don’t, I use my real name. I am no seal by any means. I don’t believe in a fake world.

          • So you think up your “thoughts” without assistance from the 12 year olds in the PMO? I’m not sure if that is good or bad for you, Francien. Some of your deliberate obfuscation, and refusal to address the issues by weak attempts to deflect AND your continued defence of a man who thinks very little of you all point to someone who is misguided and it looked better on you when it was an outside influence or that you were doing it for profit. The fact that you say these are your own opinions tells me you believe in a dog eat dog world where everyone is in it for what they can get – who cares about those who for WHATEVER reason can’t fend for themselves. Who cares about democracy, the law or who is abusing their power. You think being a bully is a sign of strength. We fought and won a war against that type of thinking. I don’t think that it reflects the kind of thinking that built this country.

            Oh, and by the way, I don’t think for a second that you are brave for posting under your real name, even though every account set up advises against it. It does not make you any more credible, I assume you do it to bring attention to yourself, kind of like Miley Cyrus.

    • you’ll really get drunk if you take a drink every time Harper says “clear about this”

  5. Our poor Leader must be so upset that he was forced to appoint
    such unworthy characters to such honoured posts… maybe by the
    Media Party seeking to advance their Laurentian Consensus. Who
    knows ?
    But it may lead some to mistakenly question his competence and
    judgement. And that would not be fair, eh?

    • Would it be fair to judge Justin Trudeau’s competence and judgement based on the fact that he’s a pothead?

      • Stupidest rhetoric of the day!

        • Really? You want to talk about judgement, but someone’s history abusing drugs is off the table? Sorry, I don’t think so.

          Harper might have appointed a couple of crappy senators, but Justin Trudeau thinks the Senate in it’s current for is just fine. He’s against reform and against abolishing it. It goes to show that his judgement is exactly what one would expect from a trust fund baby who spends his free time smoking dope.

          • When will Trudeau tell the RCMP which of his pals brought dope to a party at his house and shared it with him and others? That was a criminal code matter and he has brushed it under the carpet. If Trudeau does not ID the individual what pusher will step forward in return for a pardon? Word on the street is that Montreal police working with RCMP drug squad have several people in their sights. Will an indictment occur before the end of November?

          • you seem “disturbed” can we help. insane posts like that demean only you not Trudeau

          • The police has alleged today that Liberal senator Mac Harb committed fraud. Just read it on CBC P&P, not that they discussed it, but it was mentioned within the lines running over the screen.

          • there’s no proof of any drug abuse. thats the mentality of hysterical con supporters when they see their leader crash and burn lolol

      • Too funny how Trudeau kept spouting nonsense before he came to his question to Harper. Harper flatly denied what Trudeau has alleged but it went right over Trudeau’s head and Trudeau just repeated the same premise again, hoping that he could trip up the PM. Too funny!!

        • Sorry I stand corrected. Stupidest rhetoric of the day!

        • harper lied repeatedly lolol

      • PMO: Quick! Deflect attention from the Senate fiasco on the comment boards!
        Rick: I’ll cover Maclean’s – got a JT comment or three ready to go…

        • Someone calls one persons judgement into question, it’s not at all a deflection to contrast his judgement to the person who would want to replace him.

          • I said nothing at all about JT .. or Jason Kenney ..

      • don’t know what your problem is but i bet it’s hard to pronounce. lol

  6. It is now clear that the so-called Harper scandal is coming to an end. There never was a Harper scandal. In fact, the opposite will be proven,namely that Harper took the correct action by telling Duffy in February that expenses which have not been incurred should be repaid.

    Well said, PM, then and now.

    Duffy is the one trying to pull the wool over our eyes and the media and so many others are now trying to take Duffy’s word as being the truth.

    Harper has never changed his word and that must be very difficult to accept for the members of the media.

    Thank you, Mr.Harper, for standing up for the taxpayers of Canada.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Brave enough now to answer whether, according to you, Mike Duffy falsely claimed housing allowance?

          Did you hear that the police now allege that ex-Liberal Mac Harb has committed fraud?

          Who advised Mac Harb?

    • In another place and another time a man managed to gain power and used smoke and mirrors to achieve his goal of absolute power. By creating a false emergency he was able to suspend his country’s constitution and that set the stage for all out war.

      When learning about that man in school, I always wondered how he managed to achieve what he did with so many in his country never questioning where he was leading them. I was taught that it is our duty to question our leaders and to be vigilant always of those who wish to extend their power beyond what the law allows.

      When you make comments like yours, it becomes evident that some people chose to ignore truth and reality in the hopes that by aiding and abetting these types of individuals in their pursuits.

      If Harper was interested in standing up for the taxpayers, he would be doing everything in his power to assist in the investigation. Instead, he obfuscates, runs, hides, denies, deflects and relies on his supporters (who he apparently believes are too dumb to understand they’re being defrauded) to defend him.

      Sad that you are such a loyal defender of a man who thinks nothing of you. I hope you are being well compensated because if you’re not, you’re a bigger fool than I though.

      • So please do tell:

        according to you, did Mike Duffy falsely claim housing allowance?

        My guess is that you will not answer that question today or in the near future.

        • who cares lol harpers is the one the controversy is about

        • According to the auditors he did. The question that remains to be determined was whether or not he did it as part of a larger scheme orchestrated by the PC Party and the PMO to defraud Canadians.

          What remains to be proven is the allegation that the PC Party was prepared to pay his bill until they realized how high it was. This indicates that they not only were still supportive of the supposed fraudster, but that they might have been trying to make it all go away so that their bigger scam would not be exposed.

          Interesting days ahead as Harper trips over his own story.

    • only you and 4 other s who cant face reality believe that harpers donediddlyun for

  7. Francien is obviously paid to comment here for somebody

    • Back up your allegations. I use my real name. I live in Alberta. There is only one Francien Verhoeven in Alberta. It should not take you very long to find out if I am being paid by anyone for posting here, you being such a ‘know it all’!!

      • lolol

        • Ah, one of those Albertans who would vote for a rock if it had a blue “C” painted on it. The “base” that Stephen Harper says is too dumb to understand. Still on here defending him though, the irony is bizarre.

          • we can thank them for putting this creep in power something tells me hes finished

      • Shhh. If you keep telling people that kind of thing Francien they might start to think that you actually believe the tripe you spew.

  8. Harper’s in favour of Senate reform. Mulcair’s in favour of abolishing it. Justin Trudeau is in favour of leaving the senate as it is.

    Can’t wait for Trudeau to have to flip-flop, again, on his stance on the senate.

    • Yer lyin’ agin.

      • It’s on the public record. Here’s a link: http://www2.macleans.ca/2013/06/02/justin-trudeau-on-senate-reform/

        The relevant quote:

        I said, as I always do, what I believe to true. I said those who are preaching wholesale Senate Reform as a response to the scandal in the Prime Minister’s Office are pandering. After all they know, or ought to know, that major reforms like creating an elected Senate, or abolishing it outright, would require protracted Constitutional discussions with the provinces.


        So, it stands to reason that abolishing the Senate would disadvantage the East, just as electing the Senate would disadvantage the West. More to the point, I believe that opening the Constitution to fix the Senate would disadvantage everybody.

        Got anything to add?

        • Thanks for the link. I took a moment and read the linked material. Now, I realize that not only are you lyin’ agin, but knowingly so.

          An embedded link there leads to a piece from last Feb wherein Trudeau suggests how to reform the appointment process.

          And the final sentence of the link you sent says: “You now at least have three options to choose from. Stephen Harper wants
          an elected Senate. Justin Trudeau wants an appointed Senate, but wants
          to change the way senators are appointed. And Thomas Mulcair wants to
          abolish the Senate.”

          Harper’s goose is cooked, Omen. He’s now a plump and greasy over-cooked goose.

          • The only “change” to the appointment process Trudeau wants to make is to appoint more Liberals. Unless you can point to some other “change” that he has in mind.

            But I should just let Trudeau’s words speak for themselves. He thinks an appointed Senate is just fine. That’s all people need to know.

          • I’m fine with an appointed Senate too – as long as the appointment process is changed to one that is bipartisan and we are looking for skilled and knowledgeable Canadians who can contribute to active review of the laws presented to them. i.e. not partisan hacks being rewarded for dubious partisan behaviour.

            Which is what it sounds like JT is proposing.

            I may be proven wrong but I think Harper’s reference to the SCC will go nowhere – he won’t be able to make any of the changes he wants to make without opening up the Constitution. And that will require someone braver than Harper. So… improved appointment process.

          • Really? And when Harper will be able to do something about the senate after the courts speak, and after he comes up with a plan, what excuses will you come up with then?

            That when Harper reforms or abolishes the senate that it ain’t good enough? That he is throwing the poor senators under the bus? I can’t wait for you to tell me what your excuses will be then.

            Oh, and btw: today the police have alleged that Mac Harb committed fraud! Who in the Liberal party advised Mac Harb?? Any ideas?

          • Re Harb: Damned if I know. Maybe no one? But if there’s evidence, put him on trial. A real one – not the kangaroo court the Senate is currently holding.
            I’m on record here as saying I think we should continue with an appointed Senate. Despite the nonsense going on there this week, it does serve a purpose. The HoC needs some form of review for its bills – it is apparent they are incapable of doing so themselves anymore – and we need some form of balance between regions that pure rep by pop can’t provide.
            (Yes I’m originally from one of those small regions that regularly gets either walked on or ignored by Feds of all stripes.)
            But an elected Senate will want to exercise more power and we’ll end up with a mess like they have south of the border.
            So if by some chance Harp gets the go-ahead to reform or abolish the Senate, then – unless he proves better at that than he ha been at most things to date – there is a pretty good chance I’ll be opposed to his actions.
            Frankly, we have a much greater need to overhaul our electoral process and the way party leaders are chosen / wield power than we need Senate reform. But fat chance that will happen…

  9. The saddest part is the motions will go thru which will stop the rcmp investigation, which is of course what Harper wants/needs so badly, no double jeopardy, no questioning under oath. He may get away with it. To think our Senate modeled on the Brit senate gives them more power than our Charter is unbelievable to me. Yeah we need reform all right.

  10. Harper, the criminal psychopath of Canada’s government speaks.. shut him up and lock that monster up forever.

    • Typical Liberal, trying to jail your political opponents. How about responding with a reasoned argument to replace them for once? Something other than “we’ll legalize weed”.