QP Live: Tory reform under the gun

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‘Twas a week of reform in the House. Pierre Poilievre wants to change Canada’s electoral rules. Chris Alexander wants to change Canada’s citizenship rules. On a quiet Friday, when the House tends to feature more empty chairs and less ruckus than your typical day in Question Period, the opposition will pelt the government with its continued problems with the government’s latest reform.

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Pierre Poilievre, the Democratic Reform Minister, could be in the House. He represents an Ottawa riding and doesn’t have to fly back to his constituency for the weekend. Chris Alexander, the Immigration Minister, may not be in the House. Both of their files will be under the gun.



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QP Live: Tory reform under the gun

  1. The committee meetings should be made “full” exposure by the news media- its has limited exposure on the cable network at present. It could equally be called the “Tories to be under the gun”. The latter point can be seen on the Dec 12th 2013 committee headed by Joe Preston (CP) with John Reid , Lusikiki, Chris Christopherson, NDP House leader etc etc – these latter reminded me of the minority committees when the CP was openly demeaning the NDP/Liberal member e.g. Paul Szabo heading the ethics committee.