QP Live: Leaderless QP focuses on the Senate scandal

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Friday’s usually a quiet day in the House of Commons, at least as compared to the rest of the week. The opposition benches, without their leaders, will nevertheless be restless. They’re convinced that the government is tripping over itself on the Senate expenses scandal, and will continue to test the Conservative story.




QP Live: Leaderless QP focuses on the Senate scandal

  1. It’s getting so bad for the media that now new fake scandals must be created every day, eh, Paul in order to salvage what is left of the old fake scandal!

    Tell us if Duffy is your hero today! Or is this a new day yet again? Apparently.

    • Poor Francien, studiously whistling past the graveyard while the media and the opposition are in there gleefully exhuming Con skeletons all over the place.

      You and Harper make a good pair – all outraged and indignant, while fecklessly claiming ignorance of the corruption under your very noses.

      • Well, the Mr. Harper who lives inside her head seems to
        be a very nice and honourable man. Must get kinda busy
        what with the family chinchilla an’ all …

  2. Liberals still not talking about Mac Harb and who within the Liberal party advised Mac Harb for those TEN years!

    Oh,well, it was just the Liberals keeping secrets about a Liberal senator’s dirty laundry. No big deal!

    • Maybe it’s the same person who advised Del Mastro to cheat. Or maybe it was Shelley Glover’s advisor. Or James Bezan’s. Or the person who told Wright to cut the cheque. Or the one who told Penashue to cheat, or maybe it was the person who told Bev Oda to alter documents, or advised Bruce Carson on his fraud. Or maybe it was the same person who advised Pierre Poutine to misdirect voters, or told auditors to go easy on Duffy.

    • still trying to change the channel, Francien? Why not just admit that Harper needs to go? If you don’t like the Liberals, then the NDP is the answer. It’s time for Harper and his band of clowns to leave, though.