Jean-Pierre Kingsley is everybody’s talking point

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Jean-Pierre Kingsley, the former chief electoral officer, formerly liked the government’s proposed electoral reform. He graded it an A-minus, even, which provided a helpful talking point for Conservatives when they cast about for nice words about their legislation. Today, however, Kingsley was not so much with the praise of the controversial reform.

Eliminating the act of vouching would be a mistake that would disenfranchise thousands of voters, Kingsley told a parliamentary committee this morning. Just like that, the NDP gains an ally in its quest to quash Pierre Poilievre’s attempt to rewrite Canada’s election laws. Poilievre, the democratic reform minister, will not waver. He no doubt has an attempt to discredit, or spin, Kingsley in his back pocket. All part of the daily battle.

Who to watch

Justice Minister Peter MacKay will take heat for refusing to accept the Supreme Court’s rejection of recent appointee Marc Nadon.

In the news

Stephen Harper might travel to China this year. The PM has spent plenty of time on taxpayer-funded airplanes in recent years.

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Jean-Pierre Kingsley is everybody’s talking point

  1. I don’t think Mr. Kingsley will be marking grades for any more report cards in the future.

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