QP Live: All out against Northern Gateway

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

The last great battle of the parliamentary session looks to be something of a proxy war. British Columbians are largely opposed to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline, a project the feds conditionally approved yesterday after months of hemming and hawing. The real fight will be in the forests and on the coast of Canada’s far west. But the government’s opposition in Ottawa is taking the fight indoors, and spending its last days of the spring session berating the Tories for giving the thumbs up to a pipeline that environmentalists fear will cover the landscape in a blanket of oil and drench the Pacific coast with Alberta bitumen.

No one has much to lose in the House of Commons, since they’ll all be parting ways in a matter of hours or days. This could get loud.

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QP Live: All out against Northern Gateway

  1. No pipeline, no jobs, no taxes to support social assistance then no social assistance.

    Time to read reality. But our politicians are about corruption and not leading this country.

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