QP Live: They can't even talk about a park politely

QP Live: They can’t even talk about a park politely

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Some day, generations from now, children and their parents will become happily lost in the extraordinary wilderness of Rouge Urban National Park. The park, once Parliament finally decides to pass enabling legislation into law, will stretch from the mouth of the Rouge River in southeastern Scarborough, Ont., into the far reaches of the river’s watershed north of Toronto. It will allow anyone who wishes an escape from the urban jungle. Those families will be in heaven. The park will likely cover a vast parcel of land that crosses municipalities and, of course, federal ridings. Today, parliamentarians debated C-40, the bill that would go some way to establishing that natural wonderland.

Only it wasn’t so easy to discuss things politely. The House is nearing summer recess, and politicians in the chamber are even more heckle-prone than usual. Witness about five minutes of proceedings earlier today. Let’s hope those families of the future don’t read Hansard.

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QP Live: They can’t even talk about a park politely

  1. Is this going to be ” The Harper Government ” in the HOCs today I wonder, or is it going to be the ” Government of Canada “, just in case their may be questions asked about the NGP ?

  2. Boy, the dirt being allowed to be displayed in the HOCs today is nothing more than character assassinations. These people are not fit to be MPs or make these stupid announcements. These conservatives bought this dirt into our so called Canadian institution.

  3. Pete is digging a hole big enough today to put a helicopter in.