QP Live: Conservatives are preoccupied with a conference

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Canada’s right-of-centre political world is huddled inside the Ottawa Convention Centre, where its shining stars will energize the conservative movement at the sixth running of the Manning Networking Conference. Brad Wall! Jason Kenney! Preston Manning! Mark Steyn! Delegates are humbled in their wake.

Some of the Tory set will tend to business in the House of Commons, where the issues of the week are the government’s continued effort to impose electoral reform on a voting nation, and the Tory caucus’s apparent divisions over income splitting.

The issue of the day probably should be the incredibly low corporate taxes paid to government by a cunning cadre of Canadian companies, a disturbing truth unearthed by Canadian Business writer Duncan Hood. The storied powerhouse Canadian Pacific Railway, thanks to loopholes aplenty, managed to fork over just 1.8 per cent of its total income over the past 10 years.

The feds have allowed it all to happen. “This is not part of a larger government strategy to help Canadian businesses compete in a global marketplace,” writes Hood. “It’s the result of sloppy policy and backroom negotiations.” Gross stuff.

For times like these, Question Period was made.

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Pierre Poilievre, probably, because he’s Mr. Electoral Reform. Hopefully, someone will speak to the government’s record on corporate taxes.





QP Live: Conservatives are preoccupied with a conference

  1. Robert Heinlein – Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.

    • Yep. Any time any religion or politics gets too much control over you, its bad news for freedoms and liberty. But Ottawa does do a good job on presenting the false illusion that we need big fat huge wasteful government, when in fact they do so little of benefit for us.

      A huge part of why our job markets are not so good is government has tax inflated the economy so much, excessive wage demands to live in this tax inflated economy of debt fraud makes us uncompetitive.

      But our politicians love wasting our money and feeding their narcissistic egos.

  2. I thought all the CRAPers were in the Ukraine for photo ops.

  3. I see the cons are using there scripts again today. This is what cons do, to try and put a lull in the HOC. Nothing to see here folks. Again, its time for opposition parties to get back to the corruption, and scandals and especially Ethics.

    • Trouble is our opposition parties have their corrupt and no ethics.

      Case in point, not pne party is crdibly going to eliminate debt without raising taxes.

      So how is it moral or ethical to slap our kids and unborn with bailout, inflated contracts, union bloated government waste today? Correctly so, I cannot place debt on my kids, but government can. No morals and ethics here.

      Ottawa borders amoral to immoral. Its all a deception to tax us like slaves, feed their back room buddies and do as little as possible for us. Doesn’t mater which party, as the only two things change is the names and gorups of back room interests getting out money for nothing of value to Canada or us.

      No one is on my statism ballot that is for less government, less waste, no more bailouts, no more inflated buddy contracts, no more excessive gov-union wages for less productivity, less taxes so we have more of our money to spend on each others jobs.

      Fact is modern day taxation has effectively become modern day slavery. As we do NOT have any direct way to stop it. Its why politicians say one thing, then do another. Its about may the best statism liar win.

  4. I wonder if Preston Manning is going to run a round table on how to accept illegal campaign donations from big business interests behind closed doors.

  5. Larger corporations will always have the lawyers, manpower, lobbyists, and resources to ensure that the share of tax they pay is minimal, leaving the public and smaller corporations to take up the slack.

    Let’s acknowledge that fact and so simply do away with both corporate taxes and any corporate tax rebates altogether, including the GST flow-through rebate.

    To compensate for it, increase taxes on dividends and put capital gains taxes on a sliding scale starting from near 100% but dropping based on the number of weeks that the capital has been held. Thus we encourage investment instead of trading.

    That probably wouldn’t fully cover it, however, so it might also require increasing the GST (and accompanying personal GST rebates) or instituting some form of carbon/energy tax as well.

    This would have the added benefits of making our government a lot more transparent, as then giving companies money could not be disguised as tax rebates, it would also make our private enterprise more transparent, as the need for tax-shelter accounting strategies would be eliminated. It would reduce personal tax fraud, as most of it these days takes place through the misuse of personal corporations and expensed items. It would eliminate the whiners who complain about double taxation on their dividends, which to my mind is a significant benefit right there. Also interesting is that it would put the demands of corporations on government back where they belong — behind the demands of citizens. If the companies aren’t paying for the government, the government’s not going to be listening terribly hard, after all.

    Not to mention that removing the GST flow-through rebate and adding a carbon tax would tend to reward businesses with the most efficient supply chains and manufacturing processes the most.

    • Actually, corporations pay a lot of indirect taxes. Lets look at some the socialist rant likes to ignore.

      1) EI/CPP are employer matched. Socialists never add this to the list of taxes and even companies losing money have to pay this.

      2) All the jobs they provide pay all the income tax collected.

      3) While earnings/dividends are taxed at a lower rate at the company, they are again taxed whent he stock/owner gets the dividends, and the resulting rate can be more than earn wages.

      4) Derived activity such as construction, buildings, maintenance et al. which generates huge taxes behind it.

      5) They share the costs of tariffs, duties, protectionism and $45 billion in hidden taxes as they buy materials, resources to make their business go. And a huge part of why Canadian prices are so high is because of these taxes.

      Hey, tax companies more means lower wages and less jobs to compensate. Tax my dentist copration more, they just add charges to my account so I have less to spend on other peoples jobs.

      But socialism-greed likes to ignore real economics. To many statism and the left, money grows on trees and its morally and ethically ok to put the shortfalls onto the kids in debt.

      BTW, I am not a “other peoples money for free” type, I am a self made 2%er just realizing its all about tax greed and statism. We as a tax inflated nation of debt can’t compete in the world as our costs of government are out of control.

  6. Ah so another bunch of right wing entitled elitists play hooky on the public dime to speak to their fellow travellers.
    Where’s Francien when you want some good old fashioned indignation about MPs skiving whine they should be working?

    • At the Manning Centre?

  7. Yep, can’t run your own country right with efficiency, effectiveness and economy, so you stick your nose in other peoples affairs to take the light off of Ottawa waste, bailouts, corruption, inflated contacts and ignore that young Canadians can’t get jobs as we have so much hidden and real taxes we don’t have the money to spend on each others jobs.

    But hey, I am sure their narcissism and egos would disagree. Canada is like a mouse trying to tell an elephant what to too, hilarious really.