QP Live: The Harper-MacKay-McLachlin affair just won’t quit

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Anonymous sources are at it again. Someone who’d rather live in the shadows told Global News reporter Laura Stone that the Prime Minister’s Office went to great lengths to bolster Marc Nadon’s eligibility for the Supreme Court. The PMO apparently suggested that Nadon should resign from the Federal Court and join the Quebec bar, a move that would provide an easier path to the most prestigious bench in the land.

Stone reports the source of the PMO’s idea:

The suggestion came after Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin says she contacted Justice Minister Peter MacKay last July 31 to flag the issue of nominating a federal court judge to fill a Quebec seat on the high court.

That would be the same controversial conversation that eventually set off a string of tense back-and-forth claims by McLachlin, MacKay and the PMO. The PM’s office said that talking to McLachlin would have been “inappropriate,” and Prime Minister Stephen Harper declined the opportunity to do so after MacKay’s conversation with the Chief Justice. Fascinating, though, that MacKay would act on McLachlin’s advice under the circumstances.

The Global story surely tees up another day of questions for NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, who’s pressed the government on this file all week.

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QP Live: The Harper-MacKay-McLachlin affair just won’t quit

  1. If Mr. Harper can and continues to undermine the SCC and bring it to its knees, that will give him complete power of Canadian democracy, and in other places in the world like Iran, North Korea, etc. that’s called dictatorship.

    • GEO ORWELL writes:
      “in other places in the world like Iran, North Korea, etc. that’s called dictatorship.”

      yeah…that’s one way to get people to take you seriously. Compare Canada to North Korea or Iran.

      Your Harper Derangement syndrome is showing again.

  2. So Pete, lets get this right. The advise offered was “inappropriate” but you acted on it anyway. But it was still her fault. A new low for the CPC? I doubt it. Hold on to your hats ladies and gents, this election is likely to be one of the lowest gutter ball spectacles anyone can recall seeing at the federal level. Time for the libs and the dippers to don the brass knuckles – if that is they can make their minds up who the real enemy is.

  3. As an exotic dancer, I am offended by the use of the word stripper in the HOC, we are exotic dancers.

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