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QP Live: He loves me, he loves me not

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

“You cannot trust Stephen Harper.” That’s the opinion of NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, freshly warmed up after his weekly caucus meeting, talking about the Conservative plans for revamped election laws. This is the same NDP chief who totally trusts Harper’s judgment on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and has repeatedly applauded the government’s actions so far. That an opposition leader can honestly express such wildly divergent opinions of a Prime Minister is a remarkable quirk of politics. The mood in the House of Commons this week turns on a dime between conciliatory questions about leadership on Ukraine and accusations about Tory cheating on electoral reform.

And the whole show is nothing more than everyone doing their job. That’s quite a workplace.

Who to watch

Pierre Poilievre will, as he’s done since what seems like the dawn of time, respond to NDP concerns about electoral reform.

In the news

The Liberals want to force MPs to disclose their expenses. The government’s considering softer punishment for some marijuana-related crime.

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QP Live: He loves me, he loves me not

  1. Ukraine can’t vote in Canadian elections. Fixed …mostly.

  2. Nick Taylor-Vaisey is definitely the Danny Gallivan commentator of HOC. You add a great sense of humor and candor to a very boring question period, daily.

    • Waiting/hoping for Nick to report on a spin-o-rama move in the HOC.

      • …or do play-by-play on Mulcair scoring a big one with a “canonading shot”?

        • ” Its an inclination of fisticality with no realization ” or this one,” Orr rows Dory into the boards “.

    • Mr Geddes just tweeted your comment — I asked if he’s the Howie Meeker of MacLeans…

  3. Does the NDP have any members that asks questions. It seems Tom is running a one man show like Harper.

  4. The liberals have to go after harper again as well, over the PMO scandal. the opposition parties are lending the government credibility by asking questions about the economy. Go after the PMO scandal, go after Harper, get him back on his heels again.