QP Live: Liberals and Tories fight for headlines

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Queen’s Park Liberals and Parliament Hill Conservatives are bickering. Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper are equally popular (or, perhaps, unpopular). The Liberal leader released a new ad, always a sure-fire route to a few headlines. The Prime Minister still denies he attacked Canada’s chief justice. You might mistake today’s political chatter for a pre-2011 version of Ottawa, when New Democrats played third fiddle. They’re neither celebrated nor demonized.

All the more reason for NDP Leader Tom Mulcair to dominate Question Period, though he’ll have to unleash a crackerjack performance if he hopes to turn heads. He’s already dialed up his rhetoric this week. Can he turn it up to 12?

Maclean’s is your home for the daily political theatre that is Question Period. If you’ve never watched, check out our primer. Today, QP runs from 2:15 p.m. until just past 3. We livestream and liveblog all the action.



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QP Live: Liberals and Tories fight for headlines

  1. It seems everyone likes to take a crack at Trudeau because all of a sudden his numbers may be loosing a little bit of steam. I think its time for MSM to question why Tom is falling in the polls all the time instead of pumping his image up in the HOC, the MSM don’t let up on pumping Mulcair up all the time, personally, I think Mulcair is all hot air, I don’t think all the layers have been peeled back enough on him yet. Then you have Harper spending the taxpayers treasury on trying to bring Justin Trudeau down and all of a sudden the numbers move a fraction and they think Trudeau is toast. With a PM just one institution away from dictatorship, I would be more worried about the dictator.

  2. The MSM seem to never give up on pumping Toms image up every time QP comes on. Shouldn’t the MSM be questioning Tom about his lack of increase in poll numbers.

  3. We also learned this week, Canadians are one institution away from dictatorship.

  4. What does posting too fast mean. type the letters slower or type them faster. how stupid is that, you are posting too fast.

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