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QP Live: Mulcair opens on missing indigenous women

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QP Live: Mulcair opens on missing indigenous women

  1. You know the dippers and the MSM are constantly going after Trudeau for his attendance in the HOC, but since last year the per vote subsidy is no longer available to parties and leaders should be out on the road making money for the party. The political scene has changed since Jack Layton and Iggy. Now opposition parties need work twice as hard to raise money for the party, and I don’t think asking questions to a part time PM in QP will help raise money for parties. The dippers have already proven that, just look at the 2015 election war chest for the dippers compared to the Grits and Cons. Tom needs to get the smell of the HOC off of him and not rely on the MSM to boost his numbers, and if Trudeau was in the HOC every day, we would still be talking about what Tom asked in the HOC..

  2. While the missing women situation is tragic, we need to keep an important fact in sight when discussing it. Some 70-90% of all crimes against aboriginal people are committed by other natives. So, without trying to lessen the overall tragedy, this would be an opportune time to ask our native leaders some hard questions relating to the fact that 700-900 of those women went missing at the hands of other natives. Maybe we can find a Canadian journalist who might actually ask this question of native leaders. Maybe if someone at the CBC had taken the time to ask that question, more Canadian’s wouldn’t find the MotherCorp quite as redundant as they currently do.
    But, then again, native leaders tend to not vote conservative, so….