QP Live: The NDP plays defence

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

New Democrats have spent months on the attack, unified as a party and free of scandal. Or so it seemed. The party will have to find another way to pay for outreach offices in Quebec and Saskatchewan that, until now, were propped up by parliamentary resources. The NDP says it did nothing wrong; it broke no rules; the House granted proper approvals; and the other parties on the Board of Internal Economy, the secretive all-party committee that administers House finances, are ganging up on the NDP and changing the rules in the middle of the game. That opinion doesn’t extend past the orange door.

The other parties also think the NDP deserves to be punished for sending flyers into a number of ridings, free of charge, before a series of by-elections last autumn. Liberals and Conservatives say the flyers should have counted as election expenses. Elections Canada’s Marc Mayrand disagreed initially, in a letter, but everyone who’s not a New Democrat hopes Mayrand will take a closer look at the flyers, which they say were too partisan to qualify for your average parliamentary mail-out. Behold, a parliamentary morass.

Today, the NDP hopes to force an emergency debate on the issue of temporary foreign workers. Earlier this week, NDP MP Jinny Sims attacked Employment Minister Jason Kenney’s inability to stop a McDonald’s franchise from hiring temporary foreign workers. Presumably, the official opposition thinks Kenney is responsible for the proliferation of TFWs across the land. For his part, Kenney said he blacklisted the franchise immediately and launched an investigation. And his people are quick to point out that the NDP was silent on foreign workers yesterday.

With that, you have a full day’s worth of inside baseball and Ottawa wearing its partisan best to work. If there’s even one useful exchange during Question Period, that’ll be worth a celebration.

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QP Live: The NDP plays defence

  1. I think its time for the opposition parties to go after harpers credibility on trust and his connection with corrupt appointments. Integrity and trust are the 2 things that will bring harper and his cronies to there knees in 2015, the rest of the stuff that plays out in QP is only a waste of time. Why give PP credibility by asking questions about tinkering with elections. Let the cons pass it, your giving them too much coverage from corruption. Harper had PP bring this election thing forward, because we are no longer talking about corruption or integrity, the dial will only move in harpers favor as long as he can hide behind one of his trained seals, go after harper personally. opposition needs to go after harper where no other trained seal can answer for him, opposition are even giving paul collandra another break, so you can be sure colander is all rested for his next attack, everyone knows PP will take the blows for his master, PP thives on it. Wake up opposition and keep on the corruption and integrity until it sinks in the public conscience, never surrender to these small issues that only helps harpers avoid corruption and integrity. QP is starting to make the opposition look bad again, its time to turn the tables back.

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